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United Quality Publication Inc
Greg Elmore, College scam

Back on 04/15/10 my husband answers the door to a gentlmen who was selling magazine subscriptions. He was with a woman, both were in their 20s. They were raise money to win a trip to France to study.

They seemed very credible and professional. They definately had their speal down. The forms they were using looked authentic and legal. They were very friendly and ambitious.

I am one who wants to help others out so I decided I would go ahead and subscribe to one magazine, 17 issues of Women's Day. I wanted to subscribe to another magazine but it cost $49 for the one and I just didn't have the money to get another. They thanked us and walked to the next house.

Needless to say, I never did receive the magazines. My husband asked me about it a while back and I told him I hadn't received it and actually had forgotten all about it. Until... One day I was cleaning out my computer cabinet and I came across the magazine subscription form. I thought, wow, I didn't realize I had this. When my husband asked me about it awhile I back I thought may be our address was written down wrong but it wasn't.

I though, I'm going to give this company a call and see what happened. When I called I get an automatic message saying the phone number has been changed and there is no number listed to give on the recording. I decided, I'm going to put this companies name in the computer and see if they have a new phone number. The first thing that pops up is complaint.


I was shocked, I have never been scammed before that I have actually known about. It kind of scares me that I wrote a check but then if it's been over a year since then I think they would of done something more than cash my check by now.

I actually think the individuals were legitimate... I think it is the publication co that is fraudulant. Unless the two are really that good. I even have a invoice number on my subscription form which has 3 copies. It just seems odd that these two young, very ambitious college students would have it that much together to put an elaborate scam together.

I guess, I'm just glad they only got me for $49.

Offender: United Quality Publication Inc

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Pensacola
Address: PO Box 36206
Phone: 8505427087

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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