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Complaint / Review
Bruno Independent Living Aids Corporation
Severly Handicapped Senior Citizens taken advantage of by Bruno Corporation and their Subcontractor

In that we live in a litegious country, all of my statements that I put forth in this report are "OF MY OWN OPINION". Having said that, I am reporting about the unfair treatment and complete lack of respect provided to my wife and I from the Bruno Corporation, and from there subcontractor Mobility Works of California. I am a totally VA Certified, Disabled Veteran caused by my military service in Vietnam in 1967. My wife suffers from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, is a total parapoligic, suffers from Epliipsey, and has a metal valve in her left ventrical of her heart, just to name a few of her physical problems. On January 31, I mailed a Certified (7008 1830 0003 5696 0110) USPS letter of complaint of services and products, to the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the Bruno Independant Living Aids Corporation in Wisconsin. The letter was delivered to them at 2:36 P.M. On February 7. As of this date (03-27) neither he nor any member of his staff have bothered to write back to me, telephone me or in any way acknowledge my certified mail and complaint. This is why I am taking this time to file this report. If someone else wants to do business with this company, they may want to first contemplate my experences with the company and think twice about doing business with them before they get ripped order to express my report clearly, the following is a transcript of the letter that I sent to them;

"On November 3, I purchased a 2006 Dodge 1500 PU Truck from West Oaks Chrysler Dodge in Thousand Oaks, CA.included in the sales price was a BRUNO TAS2500E TURNY ORBIT LP PACKAGE PSGR SIDE (Serial Number 06010100421) that was installed by one of your subcontractors (Mobility Works of California, 7720 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91405, Phone 818-780-1788) AKA Mobility Works Advanced Mobility. The seat was installed on January 27, at a cost of $8,775.00. Their invoice number is AAAQ6023.

(foot note: This product is a passenger seat that electronically, by remote control, swivels to the right, moves out of the vehicle on a track, and goes down so that a handicaped person can be transfered onto it from a wheel chair. It then reverses itself and places the person back into the vehicle.)

At that time, I resided in Henderson, Nevada. Shortly after taking the vehicle back to Nevada, the Turney Seat began causing me problems. It improperly functioned by turning to the right more than it should have, breaking off the side knob of the seat. Adtionally, the unit would go down and not come up, causing me hours of delay each time, trying to figure out the programming. Also during that time frame, I made two more trips back to the Van Nuys dealer and reported the problem. They were able to get it fixed, only after many hours of waiting time. When I returned to Nevada, it was not long until it again acted up. On one occassion, the seat was down out of the truck, all night in a rain storm, covered as best I could with a plastic tarp. Of course with the high winds the rain penetrated the vehicle and for days afterwards, I had to sit on a wet seat, with soggy rugs that smelled of mold. After a few more months went by, I noticed that a gray cloth covering, in the back of the seat, where it meets the steel backing, was rubbed with black colored grease and was tearing because of the rubbing action. I then took it back to Van Nuys and reported this problem to them. They again fixed the controller and would not replace it, even after the mechanic was overheard by me in the hallway to say it was addition, they cut out a piece of unsightly gray rubber floor mat and screwed it into the back of the seat, where the tear was. For this service they charged me $250.00 and expended six hours of my precious time needed to travel home again. Shortly thereafter the seat would continue to malfunction. I made several calls about this matter, to no avail.

I called a dealership that installs handicap devices in Las Vegas and was told that he could get the new controller for me at an additional cost of $396.67, plus install costs. Having no other choice, I ordered the part from him. After three months of it not coming in, for whatever reason, I finally gave up. Soon afterwards the seat would start to come out, would snag onto the plastic door molding, eventually tearing it off with a large popping sound and making the truck very unsightly.

It should be noted that my original (never used) Dodge, four way, heated power seat could not be found. So replacing it was beyond a question.

(Foot Note: The cost of a new Dodge seat is somewhere around $2000.00. Who ever removed it from my new truck in order to put in the Turney Seat, either misplaced, lost or took it. It would bring a lot of money on the market).

It never made it home from your dealer. I was going to have the Turny Seat removed because I didn't feel that the seat was safe enough for my invalid wife. My wife who the chair is for, has a mechanical valve in her heart and suffers from Seconsary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. She does not get out of the hospital bed in our home very often and dearly loves being with me, in the sunlight, in the car, going someplace, any place. I likewise feel the same way, we have been married over 37 years. I am currently being treated for Leukemia and don't know how much more time that we will have together. Not letting the chair problem discourage me, I began picking her up out of her wheel chair and placing her onto the seat. About the third time I did this, I fell with her in a parking lot and I suffered a heart attack, causing me to spend fourteen days in Domenican Hospital.

Regardless, I continued to life her up and on another occassion, I fell to the ground with her. Lasdt week after taking her out to breakfast, I again fell in the parking lot with her, in the parking lot of IHOP, face down and broke my glasses. I bleed a lot at that time because I am on blood thinners for my heart. The good people in the restaurant rushed out and managed to pick both of us up, placing her into the truck.

I asked my son to help me with this problem (he is in his thirties) because I can't be physically stressed. He called the dealer and told him about the problem, that the seat just wasn't installedvproperly. The person who he talked to said, in essence, that we get complaints all the timer about Bruno seats, and that there was nothing that he could do. My son asked to speak to the supervisor, at which time the person identified himself as the owner of the dealership. My son told me that the demeanor and attitude was very improper. This is what has prompted me to write this letter to you.

I'm at my wits end. There isn't even a tool to crank the unit by hand if it sticks? I recently lost my home of 22 years because of medical bills and am on fixed income and have no money. We need whatever time the good Lord can give us together. I can no longer lift her in any way because of my disease. Most of my strength is gone. At 65, I'm not in the best shape. If the seat still doesn't work, if I pass on, how will my wife be transported for her medical appointments? We really need this seat to work, can you help us.inclosed are some photographs"


Offender: Bruno Independent Living Aids Corporation

Country: USA   State: Wisconsin   City: Oconomowoc
Address: 1780 Executive Drive
Phone: 2625674990

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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