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Complaint / Review
Preferred Platnum
Charged Way Too Much And Tried to Threaten Me With Credit Card Fraud

I admit I used this service's 1-800 number for phone sex. I was curious to try it out. I was only on the line for about 3 or 4 minutes. I used my Mastercard and a few days later I recieved a security alert from the company. I talked to them on the phone and there was a 75.00 dollar charge from a staionary company out of California. I advised I did not order any stationary and they did not pay the fee and sent me a new card.

I then starting recieving calls from 1-800-775-1135 with a computer recording from Preferred Platnum with a reference ID number. I figured it was a credit card gimmick trying to get me to apply for a card. After recieving numerous calls I opted for the immeddiate operator option. I had a male operator advise me what the call was for. I tried to dispute the amount of the charge because I was not on the line for 3 or 4 minutes and did not think I owed 75.00 dollars for the call. When I explained why my credit card had denied the charge the male operator more or less called me a liar and that it would not show up for stationary.

The male operator then started getting rude and tried to bully me into making the payment by stating "What Kind of person are you to not pay your bills". I then asked him why he was being a jerk and he stated he was going to give me until noon the next day to pay or he would file a credit card fraud report with the police. I know my rights to debt collection and I do pay my bills. I was merely trying to get a paper invoice in the mail. The operator stated to me that payment was due at the time of services and that he did not have to send a bill or invoice. I stated that I did not have a way to pay it right then and he told me "Well you better go to Wal-Mart and get a prepaid Visa or Mastercard and pay the Bill" or credit card fraud would be filed against me.

I then asked to speak with his manager and he stated that he was the manager. I asked several times for a manager and after he kept repeating that he was the manager, I then told him well if you are the manager then get me someone higher than you. He told me that the only person higher than him was god, and after arguing with him a few more times I just hung up on him.

I calledf the number back and after several attempts I spoke with someone else. I told them what happened and I did not appriciate someone calling my home and talking to me that way. I also went ahead and paid the bill with the new operator since he was nice and respectfull. That operator put me in touch with a manager and they are supposed to be checking on the sitiation after me complaining, but I'm sure nothing will come of it. If any of you get a phone call like this, I suggest requesting a paper bill or invoice and then tell them to not call your home phone anymore. They have to by law then contact you by mail like I originally wanted. Also they can not file a credit card fraud report because it was not credit card fraud by definition of state law, they have to file a civil claim in small claims court for judgement of payment. What idiots these people are!

Offender: Preferred Platnum

Country: USA   State: California   City: Canoga Park
Address: 7657 Winnetka Avenue
Phone: 18007751135

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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