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The Right One, Together Dating
The Right One/Together Dating LIES to get your business, then continues to lie after you sign contract, Austin, Dallas

First of all, I've been lied to so much by this company I have no idea which branch to report. I signed the contract in Austin, but was then told I would be matched out of San Antonio and Dallas. I was later told I would NOT be matched out of Dallas because I called to complain about Jennifer not returning phone calls as promised. Fine. Then I was told that I would no longer be matched out of San Antonio, but would be matched out of Dallas again because they were reorganizing or some such. Then I was told I would be matched out of San Antonio again.

You know what IT NEVER MATTERED BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T MATCH ME during all of this confusion. They could have said they were going to match me out of Fairbanks, Alaska, and it wouldn't have mattered because they have NO INTENTION of honoring their contract.

The do not call. They also do NOT CALL BACK when you call. And when you call to speak with the person you were told would be working with you "one-on-one", you are told they are busy - 100% OF THE TIME!!!

Not only that, but they've matched me with women who had more children than I specified, then blamed it on them not having my file around when they matched me, PROVING that they're just pulling names out of a HAT on the off chance that they ever DO match you. Over TWO YEARS and I've had THREE dates.

At least one number they gave me was disconnected. Oops, guess I couldn't talk to her! When confronted, they said that they had just spoken with her and that her phone must have been cut off THAT DAY. LIARS!!!

I have been taken for $5,500 for THREE LOUSY DATES. That's over $1,800 per date, not including gas and food and drinks. What a RIP OFF.

I will not stop complaining until I get a refund. I will spread my experience like a virus until these people refund my fees.

They have made NO ATTEMPT to contact me in the past two months. Prior to that, they set me up with a girl that was ON HOLD (not taking dates)... HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN? It happened because they're disorganized and have high employee turnover, as evidenced by the fact that all of these people who promised to work with me "one-on-one" are "no longer there" when I call (that's happened 5 times already).

If they were sending me on a date once a month this wouldn't be a big deal, but I don't even HEAR from these people for months on end.

I filed a Better Business Bureau report and in their response to the BBB, THEY LIED YET AGAIN! They stated that they had called and SPOKEN with me on February 19th. That is a LIE! Not only did I NOT speak with them, my cell phone NEVER RANG on the 19th. I even checked the missed call log on my phone and their number was absent. They will lie to YOU, they will lie to the Better Business Bureau, and they will NOT match you, period.

They also told me that they had more women than men in their service. I had a friend call (female) and they told her that they had more MEN than WOMEN for the SAME AREA!!!

I cannot impress upon people enough how much they need to STAY AWAY from Together/The Right One. They are scam artists deluxe.

Offender: The Right One, Together Dating

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: San Antonio

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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