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BC Ferries
BC Ferries uses discrimination to implement its HR Policy

Ever wonder why over %90 of staff, crew and management at BC Ferries are white? Is this a pure coincidence or is it part of a racist discriminatory agenda that BC Ferries advocates? An investigation on whether or not BC Ferries advocates discrimation in its dealings with the public has produced an alarming finding: that BC Ferries has a hidden policy that choses white applicants over non white. 2 undercover individuals applied for an engineering position at BC Ferries. A white applicant with less experience was chosen over a non white applicant of Indian background with 10 years experience in the field of marine engineering (insewr name of an Indian ferry company)” It is really shocking how racist this company really is” said the Indian applicant "BC Ferries all along treated me differently than my white colleague all along throughout the application process” added the applicant "this is a complete outrage and is not acceptable in a multi cultural country like Canada"

Offender: BC Ferries

Country: USA

Category: Scam, Fake


December 08, 2019 11:31 PM
BC Ferries undermines the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by its abuse against minorities. Over the past 12 months authorities in BC have witnessed a surge of complaints against BC Ferries for discrimination and racism by BC Ferries staff. Various communities across the province have voiced their concern over the apparent different way BC Ferries interacts with people based on their look or background. “It is seriously troubling,” said one victim from Nanaimo, “The Trump effect seems to have gotten way over BC Ferries heads and they are violating our rights as citizens with their aggressive behavior towards people of immigrant background.” One man of indigenous background says he was threatened with a K9 dog and aggressively kicked out of the terminal for smoking a vape while a caucasian male was only given a warning not to smoke when he was smoking a vape. “They are treating us differently,” said the woman "and I hope someone does something about it soon, this is just not right and it is not what Canada is all about.” BC Ferries said every case is treated differently and declined to comment on the specific cases mentioned above.
December 08, 2019 11:47 PM
BC Ferries unlawfully implements apartheid in all its policies
There is a growing backlash and a public resentment over BC Ferries' apparent implementation of the apartheid in much of its policies. “This is being advocated all the way from the top of the all-white board of directors trickling down to the crew and middle management” says one BC Ferries Anti-Apartheid activist: “The board of directors and middle management is incompetent, racist and needs to be replaced with a multi cultural board of directors and management to avoid this apartheid style of management” BC Ferries has been recently highly criticized by various angry communities across BC for hiring only whites staff and for their harsh treatment of non white passengers. Both Provincial and Federal laws prohibit discrimination in Canada and currently, various government organizations are currently investigating whether or not BC Ferries senior management and board of directors have violated The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If sufficient evidence is found to indicate discrimination is being advocated at BC Ferries, then both civil and criminal actions can be taken against the board of directors and senior management at BC Ferries.
December 09, 2019 12:49 AM
BC Ferries disseminates against the public.
2 people were caught vaping on board the Tsawwassen BC Ferries terminal. The man of immigrant background was given a 6 months ban and forced out of the terminal by aggressive BC Ferries staff in a thug like manner while the other person, white, was just told to not vape on board the terminal. “BC Ferries is just racist” said the man who was banned, “This is an outrage. What kind of people are these? There needs to be an over haul in the entire BC Ferries management for serious incompetence"
December 23, 2019 04:34 AM
BC Ferries executives lining up their pockets at your expense
BC Ferries, the unreliable fat cat of BC, is a symbol of the middle ages. It is a disgrace for BC that millions of displaced people have to endure the pain of relying on such an unreliable unfriendly private enterprise to get to their home or work to and from the mainland. What do China, Russia, and Sweden have in common? China has connected Hong Kong to Mainland China by a bridge, Russia connected Crimea to the Russian Federation by a bridge and Sweden (you guessed it) is connected to the rest of Europe by a bridge between Sweden and Denmark. With technology and revolutionized engineering, it would take a mere 2 years to build a bridge connecting the Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island to the Mainland and abolishing the inconvenient unreliable BC Ferries all together. “Yes but what about the cost” argument is not even an argument. The Chinese can build it and pay for it and the taxpayer would not have any fork out a dime. How? By a toll bridge connecting Bowen and The Sunshine Cost to the mainland with a mere $10 toll (beating the increasing unreliable $60 price that you have to pay BC Ferries and endure lines, unreliable service and longer travel time. “What about the environment” you might add. A bridge with electric cars going through it is much better for the environment than those fossil fuel toxic vessels that BC Ferries employee. BC Ferries is a profitable money-making enterprise that lines up the pockets of its executives at your expense, peace of mind and convenience. It's about time BC acts and connects the Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island to the mainland and say no more to BC Ferries and the fat cats that run it
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