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PayPal Fraud Team is knowingly supporting over 300 MMO web sites that fund ISIS in Syria, and all it takes is almost any download from SourceForge and FileZilla. And the worst part, they have been using the same PayPal account since 2005! If you have not been a victim yet, YOU WILL BE,
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I’m far from an expert of windows virus, but the new version of the okaygoods de karon plugin backdoor Trojan that was build and sold over p2p in 2011, has recently been updated. This is according to AVG, about a week ago and it also seems to be changing or mutating on a daily basis. (see attached screen shots and AVG phone recording)

The July 2016 version (the one I had) is being disturbed and sold over the TOR Network by a Clara Wong and is specifically designed to remote access personal PayPal accounts.

To get the virus you need to make sure you’re using a windows 10 system, connected to the internet and and have recently downloaded the following software.

Filezilla (this is the one that got me)
Netflix, only PC version
KM Player
Almost anything related to Xbox (link to virus, do NOT CLICK)
Pop-up blocker, chrome only
You will get no warning, as this infects Window Defender first and the virus will be installed at a later date, and when this happens, there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO.

You PC is now part of the OKgoodsPayPal – China Organized Crime Network, and they can see you and control your PC and anything attached to it.

Please, don’t think you will not be affected, or this is not a real threat…at least check and see that you have not been infected.

Check and see if Windows Defender is turned off (if is on, stop here)
Download and run AVG, free version only with no addons. I’m sure there are others but this is the only one of 5 that worked.
If you got it, I suggest you immediately turn off your commuter and contact your offical government agency that deals with cyber security and cyber terrorism.

OKgooodsonline has direct links to terrorism related sites that are based in the DPRK and Syria, and they will do anything to keep funding the Islamic Sate including murder. (see attached 04-16 report)

This is how I think the PayPalOKG Backdoor version works, to find out for sure, just call the PayPal fraud team…at anytime. Oh wait, until 10pm EST…yes, there is NO 24 a day hotline for fraud, if there is, I could not find it. PayPal also makes it difficeut from their site to even find any number to call.

I’m pretty sure the key logger alerts the hacker when the words paypal are entered, I say this because my mouse cursor would jump all over the screen when I did. Then the browser closed when I attempted to file a papal dispute.

Stupidly on my part, I did this 4 times in Chrome and IE until I figured out what was going on. I use my sons PC at that point. As for knowing you have the new 2016 OKGoods, there are very few warning signs.

Big One (windows defender turned off.
Long boots ups (like minutes, also has the ability to cover this up by saying ‘windows is installing new updates, please don’t off tuen your pc)
When it said off turn your pc I should have suspected something was wrong…but it looks almost like a real windows update.

If you have a laptop, the camera light turns on and off quickly (use black tape…right away, as the flashing is bios burning to disable the light)


And that’s about it, sit back and watch PayPal and Okgoods do their work…it almost an prefect system they have going on, I guess so since they have been perfecting it since 2011.

Also, suggest you do your own research as to the number of people that have been taken by the PayPalOgoodds TeamChina.

Listen to the second time talking to the same PayPal Fraud team recoring @ 8:23, notice the change in voice, pause and then quoating PayPals TOS. He did comeform that this same Paypal account was opened and has been active since 2011 and that the contact information for OKGoods is:

Clara Wong


[email protected]

[email protected]

+86 551 6385 8894

He also instructed me, several times, to call the US Branch Office of OKgoods at (209)753-4925….right. Here is a screen shot of the contact page, the chat service works too and has a real person.


How to get PayPal Verified for OkGoods & here is how to order PayPal Identity Theft Service for only 40 USD!


PayPal and OkGoods have a service where you send $40 to paypal and this will get you verified to make purchase stuff from OKGoods. Yes, PayPal knows about this offer too, and since 2012…it’s all in the documents at the bottom of this page.

So here is how to order PayPal identity theft service for only 40 USD!

send a copy of your valid ID
send a copy of your passport (if you have one)
copy of social security card (USA)
complete bank account information
credit card numbers and exp. dates.
If approved, they you can send OKgoods the PayPal servcie fee for $40 US

This data is used by to verify you are who you say you are and allows you to order OKGoods Products.

Do this sound OK??? to you??

It does to PayPal, they know about it and endorse it.

Really and people are still paying this fee sine 2011..please look at all my documents I have on this matter…PayPal is either working with this Chinese Company, or they are the Chinese company themselves.

Please listen his matter, I even mention this exact same page and fee and the PayPal fraud team told me that this was a valid page and to call their US 800 number, or just pay the fee!!! NO KIDDING, PLEASE READ ON…DOUBT THIS, CALL PAYPAL


I’m not kidding, I wish I was…see for yourself…PayPal told me this was OK!

OKGoods PayPal links and virus testing page(danger)


This is simple how it works, a dispute is opened, customer’s IP shows up in the order field, 3 hours later the case is automatically in favor of the seller.

If someone did order a something, OKgoods say they will ship when the disputed is closed by the buyer. Since you can NEVER open a dispute….well you no..nothing.

Plus since this is some sort of virtual property, PayPal will also close the case…see attached.


PayPal knows I did make these 3 charges for over $500 in 2 days.

They are well aware OkGoods is not real.

They know OKGoods has dozens of terrorist related links on it’s 300 ditto sites.

They know ok goods have taken MILLIONS of US dollars from US PayPal accents.


And share this information with paypal and ask them to please prove anything that’s not a true about anything I have said. Call PAYPAL if you can…and ask if your money is really safe.

I’M DONE WITH ALL!! 1500 plus people since 2011! and NO ONE CARES

Maybe Apple can do better….Maybe



Doing so will automatically close the case…trust me…


related documented, phone records, voice memo and and notes.

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Country: USA

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