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Pyschic justin

Do not send any money not one penny he will take your money and run. For everybody that has sent him money we need to group togeather and file a lawsuit to get our money back. He is using a phony name justin peterson this is not his real name. ...

Spiritual Gemma

This woman seems earnest and sincere. She begins by asking for a small amount of money— she knew I was broke and in a vulnerable situation and claimed she was willing to put in free time. She said she removes negativity, bad luck and will help with work and love life. Then she asks for more and more as a "deposit", that you ...

Valerie Swan Mystic 9
See for yourself

I have had a number of readings from Valerie over the years and I have never felt as though I did not get my moneys worth. Valerie's insights and suggestions were helpful to me, otherwise I would never have gone back. She is very grounded and seems to speak from a highly spiritual place when doing a reading. I'm curious as to ...

No delivery

I ordered from a catalog, one week later I received a recording from UPS. The recording informed me that me package needed a signature and it will be delivered on 10-01-09 between 8 am and 7 pm. I waited at home the entire day and no package. I used the traking system and it showed it on time to be delivered 10/01/09. Now I ...