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Kaya Redford

What is Kaya Redford really selling? When I went to the Kaya Redford seminar originally, it was billed as ‘The Laws of Attraction’. He said he was basing his course on the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was all about how we could bring the kind of financial wealth we wanted in our lives by just visualizing it and ...

Sister Bertha Lane Skank Ass Ho!
Fat ugly old bitch i paid her and she never picked up the phone for me and never call me again!

This fat old ugly bitch sent me a email today she obviously sending to everyone saying she isnt doing work no more after that i called her because for 6 months hadnt heard a wor so i got this email and called her and left a message that when am i going to get my money she took and fell of the face the earth??? Still she aint ...