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Kaya Redford

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What's Kaya Redford truly promoting? After I visited the Kaya Redford workshop initially, it had been charged as ‘The Regulations of Attraction’. He explained he was basing his program about the guide Believe And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It had been about exactly how we might provide the type of monetary prosperity we desired within our lifestyles just by imagining it and implementing the ideas from Hill’s guide. Envision being a multi millionaire simply by prepared it so.

I thought when the guide is really excellent and clear to see, I really could study it by myself. Why do I want Kaya to dissect it and clarify it in my experience, for that hill of cash he was getting? After an excessive amount of time hearing his industrial-like teasers, but nothing considerable, he endured prior to the group and informed us he would do us a benefit. He explained he used-to cost $15,000.00 for several of the programs he outlined, but he'd provide that number right down to $10,000.00. Subsequently in a real “…but delay, should you purchase today we’ll cut the cost and throw-in this unique gift” second, he significantly slice the cost to $5,000.00.incredible how a stop within the space talked higher compared to message from his mouth.

I'm just getting this criticism to lighting since I thought like I had been being cheated - AS WELL AS FOR A QUANTITY! To begin with, I really could browse the guide Believe And Grow Rich by myself. I joined the ‘seminar’ since I had been buying kernel of knowledge and enlightenment, not really a knock-off recounting of somebody else’s function.

Although I really do believe there's reality in positive-thinking – many people work very difficult due to their achievements and abandon hardly any to opportunity. I chose to have a delay and find out strategy, and informed myself I'd watch out for that ‘star’ that Mr. Redford had been recognized as. People claimed he was the following Tony Robbins, which Kaya was among the designers of ‘The Secret’. (incidentally, I also browse the guide SCAM, also it reveals a few of the men that done ‘The Secret’ as well as their filthy cons). I needed to determine when the instructor herself could be ready to rehearse what he was speaking – in the end, he was the main one training the program. Well I waited, and 24 months later I observe his charge has become around $300.00. I still haven’t observed him whilst the brilliant star he was offering herself to become. Perhaps Mr. Redford didn’t believe it and developed it enough?

I did so just a little web browsing and discovered some items which created me oddly involved.

1. Kaya Redford was once, and perhaps continues to be a little moment actor. A few of the films are soft-core porn like: Emmanuelle the Personal Collection: Emmanuelle vs. Dracula, and Jacqueline Hyde. (It's sad that Mr. Redford didn’t believe before he chose to display his skin in these skin movies). This created me ask myself, why could somebody so educated and wonderfully rich come in adult? Was this his test at taking off a sextape like Ellie Kardashian or Paris Hilton?

Presumably he created HERITAGE OF SUNSHINE to assist small Hollywood. It seemed so good and that I certainly wished my feeling about Kaya was incorrect. Well…let’s simply state that the URL for this manufacturing organization has become up available for that selling price of $1,795.00 at

2. I came across he used-to operate an identical course towards the one I joined, but that one didn’t include thinking and developing wealthy. It had been a genuine property foreclosure bootcamp for that same insane charge of, 000.00


Listed here are his phrases in the site:

Hello I'm Kaya Redford and that I am a Forecloure and Wealth Building Specialist employed in California. I've assisted numerous individuals become Riches within the property and Foreclosure company. By popular desire I'm starting a number of instruction Bootcamps in Las Vegas…


3. I suppose following the property factor didn’t work-out, therefore he switched his attention about the Modern activity. It was the workshop I joined also it was an overall total waste of my period. ‘The Kaya Show’, did little to illuminate me, and half-way through finished, 1 / 2 of the market slipped down.

4. includes a movie that made me ashamed. It's described Kaya Redford Mark Victor Hansen. Their phrases: “how to obtain compensated, set and visit Heaven”.

Http:// V=3Odi7K0dXk0

5. Today I begin to see the message might have transformed again and become aimed toward Salesmen AND THE WAY TO OBTAIN A YES! Additionally, it seems the once excessive $5,000.00 charge has fallen right down to around $300.00 – however a lot of for my estimation.

Listed here are his phrases in the site:

Neuro Linguistic Programming - is particularly created for YOU Sales Agents, YOU Commanders AND ALSO YOU Entrepreneurs. Wish to discover your conversation abilities improve consequently your outcomes and revenue boost by 30%... 50%... 100%... 200% or even more in just 30 times!

Then this N. L. P. Sales & Leadership Mastery course is crucial attend for you personally. KAYA by utilizing among the newest systems that will be NLP (Neuro Linguistic Coding) shows & teaches you just how to do it!..


I published these remarks since personally I think it's very important to talk out against cons and people attempting to earn money from the desperate individuals who are eager – whether the economy is great or poor. I've waited so far to place these terms out. I wished I had been incorrect and Kaya was a guy of his term which glowing star, but my accusations appear to me to become appropriate. I really hope my remarks assist individuals to believe before quitting their hard earned cash, simply to get hardly any – or nothing in exchange. You don’t need to consider my term with this topic, but do examine Kaya Redford out on your own. You'll observe prolonged recommendations attempt to disturb the audience in the kernals of reality. These recommendations are countless and that I believe it's exactly the same group as Synergy For A Lifetime – that will be Kaya’s team. However, you will also observe lots of people have reported about him, plus they appear to state related reasons for having him. These grievances may possibly not be so long as the recommendations, however they are worth reading.

Peace, love, prosperity and variety to all.

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usabuyerfinder007 July 19, 2019 11:13 AM
First of all like anything
You have to put effort in
Those that put in the effort the most are the ones that succeed the most

NLP is not a get cured in one day procedure

You have to be consistent with it and not for a week
It takes sometimes months or over a year to perfect it to your life and everyone is different

Most people who complain were too lazy to follow the instructions

There is no indication that Kaya is related to Robert Redford and he has never stated so
Where did you get your info?
He stated he is from England
Robert Redford was born in Santa Monica

As far as Kaya being in porn
As young adults many of us do things for different reasons but being in a softcore adult film which had been a very successful series worldwide does not make someone a bad person and that was years ago and has no relevance for today,

Kaya has shown on video and in person to multiple people that he is a likeable guy and passionate and he seems to help those he reaches out to.

You are the only one on this board out of the many that he has reached out.
So why arent they posting here as well??

As far as people claiming of being overcharged
He states his fees up front and doesnt do anything without your knowledge and contract
PLUS.....millions of people sign onto college paying tens of thousands for degrees that they never use or have used or never will use and are irrelevant to the years they spent getting investing 5k 15k 20k or more is well worth getting some personal growth help from anyone that can prove their legitimacy and be given a chance to make money themselves.
He offers his services to people in the legal profession and law enforcement

If he was not legitimate...would he even make such a reach out?

Many if not most successful entrepreneurs have stated they had many failures before they became successful.

As far as many people complaining about do we know some of them arent you or the same people?

10-15 complaints out of 100s of people aint too bad in my book as long as they are legitimate complaints taken care of

He seems pretty flexible too
It is his business...if he wants to drop a price from 20 grand to 5 grand its his right as long as he provides what he states to do he is within business law

There are no reports from law enforcement saying they are looking for him and nor has FBI etc and its not hard for them to locate him these days

I dont also see any local or state news reports about him
Wouldnt you think they would warn the public if he was causing problems??

Many of your statements are defamatory and libelous and could be taken to subpoena for a court of law

Please state your evidence of illegal activity

Our license with
Global Transformation Academy is current.

That is the company we are now.

KR Success Coaching was not renewed because we are dissolving that company.

besides that what do we find more credible ?

The video testimonials of owners brokers managers from the top Fortune 100 and 500 companies?

Or do we want to believe anonymous that we cannot prove who they are, where their from or if whatever they say is even true.
Trump has lots of haters
He even said “grab the pussy”
And still became US president

Everyone has haters

It does not stop us.

Global Transformation Academy

Will transform the world regardless of jealous haters on line

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