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New World Distribution Cary Floyd
Cary Floyd Cary Floyd of New World Distro is robbing filmmakers of their money 5k at a time I got 0 results!

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Filmmakers and producers beware. New World Distro is a big phony. They wanted me to pay them to distribute my film and they turned out to be a fraud! Their website for New World Distro (don't they know that was the name of Roger Cormans company) recently popped up Cary Floyd's company and guys (including his son who he should be ashamed of having participate with him in his scam) may as well be selling used cars, since at least that's legal! I am an independent filmmaker who was stupid enough to believe the sales pitch from their slick "aquisitions vp" who recently stole five thousand dollars from me. I have spoken to other filmmakers who have had the same experience. When you dig deep behind this fancy website they created you find that it's all a big scam. They are guaranteeing distribution so long as they get your hard earned cash from you and then they deliver nothing. I called a few industry executives who have never heard of them. They have created phony press and show photos of a team of people, none of whom are at work anywhere together. If you go to their office you will find there isn't one and the number on the website is actually a cell phone. It's amazing how people can make themselves look really good with a website with nothing to substaniate fact even much of their website has been lifted from other websites I have visited over the years. They are clearly imposters in the entertainment world who are paracites on the backs of hard working creative people who produce films. Stay away!

Contact information:
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: New World Distribution Cary Floyd

Country: USA   State: California   City: Aliso Viejo
Address: 27068 La Paz Suite 546
Phone: 19494360870

Category: Recreation & Entertainment


T.P. Marshall May 4, 2018 6:42 PM
People who have been wronged by these pestilent frauds should google hot import nights owners criminal fraud. WOW!! Their creditors are hot on their trail.
T.P. Marshall June 5, 2018 12:33 AM
There seems to be several red herrings put out by these frauds to throw creditors off their scent.

Creditors need to have their attorneys petition the courts to ENFORCE THE COURT ORDERED JUDGEMENTS against “Cary and Sharlan Floyd” “New World Distribution” of “Laguna Hills” , “Aliso Viejo”, “Mission Viejo”.

The information covered in the “Hot Import Nights” case is revealing as well. There is some detailed insight offered and background information that can be used to expose current behaviors, spending habits, social situation and income sources.

These people like too many others need to be brought to Justice!!!!!
J.P. Marshall November 9, 2018 9:39 PM
These people are hiding income from you while possibly projecting success and affluence making them vulnerable to exposure, embarrassment and humiliation enabling you to take further action in the courts.

First, report the continued non payment of your judgements to the courts now.

Second, leverage the below insights to precipitate action. Be sure to uncover their current addresses which we find they conveniently do not provide to the courts to avoid being tracked down to enforce awarded judgements.

Third: You can now leverage the power of social media to incite the fraudsters and their social networks, expose their behaviors and finally bring them to justice through the courts. Their weakness are many as they have and will do whatever it takes to avoid paying on your awarded judgement, maintain their coveted lifestyles, protect their guise and their symbiotic relationships with oblivious patrons and their social circles.

Interesting profile from The Victory Team dedicated to fighting frauds:

How do the Cary and Sharlatan Floyd / Doc Johnson and sons crew fit into the below profile? It could be quite eye opening and helpful in finally obtaining payment on your court awarded judgements.

Are they currently flaunting money?
Expensive vacations, new cars, boats?
Are they reclusive or the voracious social climber type — With Your Money?

Profile IV: Petty fraudsters, music and movie industry grifters, the arts and media.

They are very good professional actors and "Masters of Impression Management". Google and learn what this means! They are Master Manipulators. Through a quick study and understanding of the tools of their craft you will be amazed how well people can identify their behaviors. You can strip them of their veils, making them extremely anxious and fearful which can facilitate precipitation of further court actions!

Your objective must be to get the message out to their social circles and insight people who will be willing to share information on the perpetrators which you can then leverage to obtain payments on your awarded judgement.

Once awakened to the behaviors and tactics one can clearly see these “fakes in action”.

They typically work in nebulous businesses sometimes from their homes or apartments while some work out of lavish offices. Bearing in mind they hide assets, rarely own homes, are renters and can be difficult to track down. Get people to help you to identify their CURRENT ADDRESS and report it to the courts immediately.

In these cases their means of generating cash seem to include acting as media consultants, event producers, film makers and producers, marketing makers, distributors and consultants typically as small home based businesses. This profile however tends to purport owning and managing large enterprises. Overcommits and under delivers and sometimes does not deliver anything of real value. In fact, due to the sometimes small time nature of their enterprise and fee structures, sadly enough most of their victims do not bother to sue them for the fraud.

The profile segments into two very different categories:

(i) Reclusive low-key people who keep to themselves without any need for public social life, sometimes hiding in drugs, alcohol, tobacco and the television. This type is unfortunately very difficult to track down due to lack of a social situation.

(ii) Covert Aggressive Social Climbers - huge talkers, voracious story tellers who are seemingly entertaining. Typically pushed to a fault by the spouse for social status, they work tirelessly and sometimes venomously to build a social circle, constructing a reality in the minds of their targeted "patsy-friends" that lifts them up artificially into others social circles.

This latter profile can be exposed! They are masters of "faking it", living a lie in plain sight, in towns and social circles to which they covet, which makes them easier to track down and vulnerable to embarrassment, humiliation and exposure. This especially the longer they remain in a particular community. As such they tend to move around every few years to avoid the courts.

It is especially interesting the fraudsters purporting to work in the glamorous and high end music and movie industry tend to have little to no household audio/visual equipment or systems aside from a cheap television and portable radios, which should be a glaring red flag to the people they use!
J.P. Marshall November 10, 2018 1:55 AM
They may work individually or in teams (sometimes husband and wife/partners) to promote their ruse and build their social situation, the driver of their coveted ambition. Living “behind the curtain”, they spend other peoples money without delivering service until cutoff. Then they usually create a facade of prior success and sudden unfair unavoidable failure deflected on the world and others while in reality they are nothing more than petty fraudsters.

The spouse-partner can be voracious social climbers, especially those from lower class backgrounds. In fact the most devious spousal behaviors of fake warmth, backstabbing and counterfeit flattery can be the achilles heel of the outfit. Once having tasted the good life afforded through frauds, the spouse, typically again from a lower class background, will exert undo influence on the family unit pressuring the need for more money and prestige.

They seek out wealthy people and latch onto them in sometimes sycophantic fashion to use for status and access and may even belong to the PTA, social clubs and even social charities, (yes, believe it or not, charities ... with YOUR money). The perpetrators can appear to be living sky high.

As masters of impression management the social climbing type especially, engage in psychological manipulation to win over people to facilitate their ambitions. These behaviors create cracks in their veneer enabling you to penetrate their social circles to unravel them and expose their income sources.

These characters share similar traits and habits and use predominantly four tools and social currencies to manipulate their social constructs.

Deferential Acts:

The behavior of "deferential acts" is one of their most utilized social currencies. Fawning profusely and sycophanticly over wealthy people, and people with perceived beneficial connections, doing seemingly good deeds and "nice things" for people they want to manipulate to gain goodwill, sympathy and befriend for future personal gain.

These disturbed characters are highly political in the negative sense using several psychological tools of their trade: false praise, fake warmth, projection, mirroring, grandiosity (everything is darling), guilt and when confronted -- denial and vilifying the victim.


A second form of social currency is Gossip. This is also one of their key Achilles heals. They will lie and badmouth others, especially “friends” to one another, in an ongoing ruse to promote themselves by seemingly giving up "private or personal information" on others while purporting themselves "being in the know" and the "good person" while in some cases pretending to feel sorry for their gossip victims. Many times they identify and feed off their targets own insecurity, sense of exclusivity and entitlement to fan a fire of distrust, fear, uncertainty, doubt and even anger to focus negativity on another person or group.

They do this to manipulate and bring fearful, shallow and envious people closer over to their false reality. It's shocking when we see this profile in action in our findings.

Their pattern of behavior becomes painfully obvious and much of their social circle were INITIALLY oblivious to it. Make no mistake, these behaviors do not happen accidentally they are deliberate habitual acts!

They will have superficial friends and acquaintances which they guard from some others in the community. They step on and over people to one another, which once eyes are opened to the ruse and manipulation, can be of help to you and your attorneys during the process.

Make no mistake, behind the veil, they can be highly venomous multi faced social fighters. Ironically we have also learned some even brag and make this well known. I.e "don't mess with me, I’m from east LA, I’m from west Texas baby", a weak empty threat. This behavior especially makes the perpetrators vulnerable to exposing, embarrassment and humiliation.
J.P Marshall November 10, 2018 11:56 AM
Affiliation and Exclusivity:

The social climbing type particularly target, latch onto and take advantage of socially well connected and wealthy families and individuals through the creation of "psychopathic bonds" much the same as they do in the their fraudulent business practices.

They actively befriend the friends of their wealthy patsies to weave and embed themselves into their social circle.

“These victims usually have a sense something isn’t right with these people.”They may sense they are being used and taken advantage of however some shallow types like the patronizing and sucking up.

The fraudsters are typically smooth talkers, heavy drinkers, are loud and entertaining though telling similar life stories. They have been known to faun over their marks in obvious ways. You will not see them doing anything that in the end does not create future benefit for themselves.

Perception of vulnerability: (and need for sympathy):

Make no mistake, they play to people’s psychology and sense of caring from others to manipulate and finese support from their patsy friends. Getting people to feel sorry for their situation, whatever it may be at the time, financial trouble, medical, other friends, et al, is one of their tools of deception and manipulation. Awakening their patsies to this can gain you access to information to help uncover their income sources to fund your outstanding awarded judgements.

With the money they have scammed from good people like you, they tend to live beyond their means and spend to impress others. While they may live check to check, this social climbing type reach up into social circles to which they do not belong making themselves vulnerable. Their social climbing spouses harbor resentments due to their inability to keep up with their wealthy patsy friends.

They thrive on having forms of authority and status participating in clubs and other organizations and may even coach a local youth football, softball, soccer or volleyball team to ensure their children get preferential treatment and noticed.

The spouses purposely "stay low" on social media to hide their lifestyle from their creditors and the courts. They tend to keep their bragging and exploits to a smaller circle on social media. It is key to note however the "targets" they befriended and acquaintances DO write about and post photos of them on their social media. Leverage this to your advantage when doing your diligence and attempting to enforce court actions, judgements and establish a garnishment this time around.

They sometimes work as bartenders or waitresses (for quick cash and tips under the courts radar and outside of their social circles.

Some of the lowest disturbed characters take advantage of the social welfare system as well. Free clinics, Social Security disability insurance, discount stores, all of which are intended for those truly in need.
While living well beyond their means, they sometimes, though rarely, avoid paying for health insurance even if they have children. As such they utilize free clinics outside of town from where they live to avoid costs and embarrassment and humiliation.

As a victim and a creditor, having studied the above should help you to reignite the process of recovering your money. Identify their vulnerabilities, get people to feel compelled to help you with entry points to obtain the necessary information to take further action through the court system. You can recover your awarded judgements, obtain garnishment from wage or contract proceeds or get them put behind bars so they cannot continue to defraud others.

Spread the word, expose them on social media and use key words that will show up in searches to ferret them out, strike fear, anxiety of exposure and get them to pay your court ordered judgements. Precipitate action!

Please pass on this information to anyone who may benefit when confronting similar disturbed characters.

Use this knowledge to unravel these con artists and either obtain your court ordered judgements or get them locked up in Jail where they belong.
FraudFighters December 29, 2018 4:43 PM
Beware Landlords of these frauds.

Do your due diligence before renting to these frauds.

We have been tipped off there has been significant damages to properties these people have occupied in Aliso Viejo and two different properties in Laguna Hills. All three instances involved water damage to which they used as an excuse to not pay rent. They remain for several months without paying rents until they find another home or apartment to rent and vacate within days.

If you are a victim report your situation to the Fight Fraud hotline and register your complaint separately on this site to protect others.
Mission V January 2, 2019 2:06 PM
Very interesting and not surprising to read all of this. Maybe 2019 will be the year these pestilent people pay up. IRS also needs to conduct audits.
MPDF January 14, 2019 3:32 PM

The line in one of the complaints on the rippoffreport site is kind of funny. “If you see them don’t run away fast, run them over with your car”!

So sorry but don’t know where they live now and don’t really care.

Maybe people are out there who will give them up to you folks. Good luck tracking them down and getting your money.

“He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas”
- Benjamin Franklin
Resident February 6, 2019 11:24 AM
Scamming people is part of their DNA. These people are trained actors and masters of faking it. They are much worse than that profile.

Ask Cary and Sharlan Floyd - What does going to prison look like for you?

They are Serial Fraudsters. Don’t admire their hustle! They have and continue to defraud and hurt people financially.

The wife is known in the Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo area as a bottom feeder and venomous social clawler. She somehow got herself into a social charity National Charity League NCL. What a joke of a group those people must be!!!

There is also a local family who helps them to keep the frauds going....

You cannot hope they will do the right thing, you need to sue them like everyone else. That’s before the IRS gets to them in 2019!!!!

Unfortunately don’t know where they live now but should not be hard to find out.
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