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Complaint / Review
Benjamin Grundy / Mysterious Universe
Mysterious Ripoff. Sydney Internet

Benjamin Grundy continues to make promises to Premium podcast subscribers which he clearly has no intention of keeping. $5 a month doesn't seem like much but since he only produces about 1 or 2 podcasts every month and even those aren't consistent it is really too much.

It is also interesting that since his disappearance in March and his return in April there has been a further disappearance lasting 18 days. Grundy supplied one podcast after this time and promised interviews and podcasts which were due when he went missing to come out over the weekend (3/4th May) but has as yet failed to deliver again (6pm on 5th of May). This is for content which he claimed was already finished and ready to post.

An interesting point of note are the revised terms and conditions which now no longer allow refunds (perhaps too many people were asking for them) and specifically do not allow criticism of Mr Grundy. Rather than looking at why people complain about his behaviour, he has systematically attempted to remove all criticism. He initially did this by shutting down the MU discussion forums and relaunching them after sanitisation. He then took the forums down again in March and they have not been reinstated despite promises that they were coming soon when he returned from his March disappearance. More recently a thread in the comments section of the MU website was deleted by Mr Grundy because it contained criticism about him regarding the 18 day period he went missing in April. There were over 250 comments on the thread and people had been using it as almost a proxy discussion forum.

Rather than getting his act together, Grundy would rather continue misleading people, raking in the cash and continue not to do his job whilst simultaneously quashing all criticism. Thankfullly he has no control over the complaints at Podcast Alley which continue to build up and are a fairer description of how customers feel:

Http:// Pod_id=14623

On a more sinister note there appear to be a band of Grundy supporters who seem to think that Mr Grundy is doing a wonderful job, that the problem is with those customers who are complaining. These postings reek of Mr Grundy himself or someone close to him trying to dilute the criticism.indeed I suspect that the posting by Neal to another rip off report made by Jessi regarding Grundy seems to be just one of these instances. It actively denies that Mr Grundy has failed to keep his promises and also simultaneously contradicts itself by making excuses that the problems are down to the difficulties of being self employed and being a new business. This is ridiculous considering the fact that Grundy was able to provide more podcasts whilst he was still holding down a full time job and giving them away for free. It should also be noted that he has been in business for over a year and rather than improving, the state of affairs seem to be progressively deteriorating. Furthermore a business which does not provide the very product it is selling should not expect to stay in business very long. I suspect that this litany of excuses for Mr Grundy is just another attempt by him to try to create disinformation and create the illusion that it is a few lone nuts who are dissatisfied with his abysmal service.

No matter how deluded someone is it is a FACT that Benjamin Grundy has systematically failed to deliver the product which he is selling. He continues to take payments from his customers in spite of this. This is unacceptable no matter what the business or the product. The fact that he no longer gives refunds is also legally questionable and seems to be in direct contravention to consumer rights in many western countries.

To all those who like the show and thinking about paying Mr Grundy don't. Subscribe to the free podcast for 6 months and see how reliable Mr Grundy is before handing over any money. You will be grateful in the long run.

United Kingdom

Offender: Benjamin Grundy / Mysterious Universe

Country: Australia   State: Nationwide

Category: Recreation & Entertainment


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