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TriCoast Worldwide, TriCoast International, LLC., TriCoast 2017, et al
All TriCoast Companies are rebirths to avoid many lawsuits and are run by crooks Strath and Marcy Hamilton

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I represent a group of filmmakers who made a horror film that achieved much early success and had the great misfortune to fall into the trap set by Strath and Marcy Hamilton. Beware! Multiple TriCoast companies are listed in the title because they are actually the shell entities of Strath Hamilton and Marcy Hamilton, a married couple who reincorporates under new names constantly to avoid payments owed from many lawsuits they have lost. They are professionals at diverting and sandbagging lawsuits against them for their fraud, malfeasance, and breach of contracts. Snake charming Crooks who have lying collaborators who help create an illusion that this married couple and their daughter, Daisy Hamilton are honest. It is simply not true. If you are in any way thinking of doing business with them, first, don't. Second, if their smooth lies deceive you, and your need to distribute your product compels you forward, simply follow up thoroughly with those who have done business with them. DO NOT TRUST THE HAMILTON'S REFERENCES OR THEIR DEFAMING STORIES OF THOSE WHOM THEY HAVE RIPPED OFF. They will present you with references that are actually from their collaborators who are not at the distance from them they claim. Also hey will present references from filmmakers who are in progress of being conned, wrongfully still believe in them, as they have yet to discover that they have lost their product and their financial reserves into the hands of the Hamiltons. Look up the movie makers who have product with them from IMDb Pro and ask them if they have ever received proper accounting, ANY profit, or have the Hamilton's fulfilled ANY major promise they made. They trick ALL filmmakers over time to supply out of pocket money to deliver what THEY had promised. They will convince you that you finished or near finished film must go through their ragtag post production house, employed mostly by entry ever or volunteer workers trying to get a foothold in the industry. This "post production work" is only one of many ways in which they will run up outrageous charges to trick bilk filmmakers out of their product. You will find they have not paid a tiny fraction of their offered profits to NO ONE for decades. If you think you are safe with paper contracts, Strath Hamilton has zero regard for what is written down other than the things that protect him, his family and those whom he keeps very close to uphold the illusion that they are reputable in any way. If you can afford to do so, look up the many many lawsuits they have had against them and study how they behaved. THEY WILL DEFAME YOU if you challenge them. They will laugh at you and say you are just a naive artist who doesn't understand the business, and on and on. They DO THIS WITH EVERYONE who wants to get paid. This is not slander. These are facts, not opinions. Do an independent inquiry on them. DO NOT TAKE THEIR WORD. They also have a massive history off ripping off their own employees and have been fined multiple times for wage violations. Strath Hamilton and Marcy Hamilton are two charming smiling dream and financial stealers from all comers. YOU WILL NEVER SEE A PROFIT. They will hide sales all over the world as they did with every single filmmaker we contacted as well as us. Beyond the theft of money, convincing you that your movie has failed while hiding the profits, makes you think you have failed when the reality they are hiding your success so they can steal what you product is earning. Research them. Talk to others. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Creators, artists, financiers BEWARE.

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Author: timothy hines

Offender: TriCoast Worldwide, TriCoast International, LLC., TriCoast 2017, et al

Country: USA   State: California   County: Los Angeles   City: Culver City   Zip: 90232
Address: 11124 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA
Phone: 3104587707

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Concerned Party July 12, 2017 5:27 PM
My name is Timothy Hines. I am a movie director with a film being distributed by TriCoast Worldwide among other distributors. The co-CEOs of TriCoast are Strath and Marcy Hamilton. In the course of professional business and especially in the entertainment industry there is extreme competition. Not everyone can be number one at the box office. Not everyone can win. When you have been in business for decades, you are bound to occasionally find poison whispers from the losers in fair competition. In the case of the above post, it is clear that someone with nefarious intent and a personal vendetta has co-opted my name to erroneously damage Strath and Marcy Hamilton’s reputation and reduce their ability to perform in business. I have written this site to have these comments removed but their policy, as I understand, is to never take them down. I have received no response from the site's admin. I therefore have written this response so that all who read the above statements know they did not originate from me and whoever has included my name is doing so without my permission, nor are these my words.
Strath Hamilton July 12, 2017 6:32 PM
This is 100% fake news, likely from a film maker (not Tim Hines) who has had bad experiences in the past with another company and transferred those bad experiences to our company.

Tim Hines, did not write this article, he never would. He's an honorable, talented film maker. Read his comment above. The 'facts' presented are absolutely fake and incorrect, and to put out there that our studio is a 'rag tag post production facility' completely disregards the 100 great film makers including James Cameron, who have worked with us at our studio over the last 30 years. Our entire staff of talented technicians, managers, sales and acquisition people, everyone who has ever worked with TriCoast, and my family, are all unfairly demeaned by the angry fake reporting above.

To the person who wrote this complaint - our door is always open, if you have a legitimate gripe with our company, come in and discuss it with us. Don't be a coward and hide behind someone's name that isn't yours. Come in, sit down, and let's work it out. To try and destroy a business that has been successful for over 30 years is going to take more than a fake news rant.
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