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NO customer service

This complaint is against Glen Arbor Apartments and its own “management” organization, U.S. Residential. They're not thinking about anything-but resting within their dim practices, speaking with buddies about the telephone, having buddies at work during open hours, arriving overdue and making early. Given that they took around, I've submitted grievances about my door being distorted, using the breeze and also the insects and dirt arriving, I've submitted grievances concerning the fools who park in the centre of the driving counters within the parking lots which makes it difficult for anybody to drive-through or enter or out-of a parking area, I've submitted grievances concerning the chaotic and harmful motorists who speed through below slicing through in the back-street towards the primary street…speeding past people and kids. However the administration below does not care whatsoever. They simply sit-in the dark, at work, with zombie words on the faces…which is their regular words from what I've observed.

Actually, I've never noticed these folks grin, not as state “Hello” or recognize you whenever you enter work, plus they undoubtedly haven't stated “thank you” after I've settled lease, or every other period. Actually the final moment I settled lease, the lady within the front-office was about the telephone clearly speaking with a buddy. I had been standing there for 2 moments waiting to become recognized, so that as normal, they provide you with filthy looks just like you are troubling their individual moment! She ultimately informed her buddy to hold back one minute, and didn't have the decency to place the telephone down…she required my lease check and put it along about the table, then began speaking with her buddy about the telephone again, ignoring me.

They lay in my experience and inform me to get images of those fools parking in the centre of the through counters within the parking lot and provide them towards the workplace, after which after I do, they inform me “there’s nothing we are able to do”! They lied in my experience last summer following a hail storm ripped out a family room window and also the display, informing me the screen could be changed “next month”…it was “next month” for eight weeks!

I told them about being trimmed by several of those lunatics who speed through below, round the speedbumps, and also the “management” here simply looked over me with that zombie look they've and stated “there’s nothing we are able to do about it”.

I've approached the organization office (U.S. Residential) who appears to care actually significantly less than these “management” individuals below! The person responsible for this region simply relates me back again to the supervisor! Evidently he does not have the psychological capability to comprehend that I'm calling corporate since the “manager” below can’t be troubled to complete anything-but sit-in a dim workplace seeking just like a zombie

We used to possess protection we're able to contact if we required, they eliminated that. We'd emergency figures we're able to ask the breaks if we needed aid with something, they eliminated these. Given that they took over this complex, they've been uncaring, tired, and UNPROFESSIONAL. They clearly dislike their careers, why are they actually below?

The whole complex has the aroma of cat-pee half of the entire year and pet feces throughout the partner. Pet owners are designed to get after their pets, however they don’t, plus they allow them pee on people’s automobiles, and “squat” where-ever they need, which contains places by breezeways and individuals patios…but as normal, the “management” below simply can’t be split from their dim practices and buddies about the telephone to complete something about this

The very first time I went in to the workplace to document a criticism about some children splitting aside a few of the rock surfaces around below and tossing these large stones at one another and in the flats themselves, following this fresh “manager” required around, he simply glared at me with that zombie encounter, stated “mmm hmm” after which strolled down!

Lately I went to get involved with my automobile, plus some moron left right facing my pickup where I couldn’t enter! I named law enforcement, however they stated there is nothing they might do about this. And undoubtedly, because this fresh “management” organization required around, they eliminated every security and crisis connections and figures... And so I was caught and couldn’t visit my visit.

These folks are completely useless. Actually the preservation people below pace through the parking lots and round the speedbumps! The primary preservation man nearly supported over me on the several events while I had been strolling as much as the mailboxes, since he clearly simply does not worry about anybody’s life-but their own.

These “management” individuals as well as their corporate workplace are completely ineffective. They don’t have any idea of what it's to handle, not as what customer support is, or what professionalism is!

Offender: Glen Arbor Apartments / US Residential

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Irving

Category: Real Estate


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