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Joel Cheeves
Deadbeat dad!

Joel Cheeves originally from Philadelphia, PA, calls himself a singer/songwriter/DJ etc. This man goes from woman to woman leaching off whatever he can get. And is good at it. He always has a car, new computers, new clothes, new shoes. He will move any place in the country to be where the money is. He uses the internet to met ...

Florida Child Support Program
Terrible experience!

I'm a father that has always paid my child support on time, I was ordered to pay the custodial parent directly, and I have for about 6 years, then I get a letter telling I now have to send the payments to FLDSU, I have now done this for a year, mail the check with a coupon, now I get a letter telling me that they are now taking ...

Fraud and scam!

I just received a solicitation concerning the Playboy Magazine. "You've been selected to enjoy PLAYBOY for just $1 an issue, ou absolute lowest price! And gat a FREE DVD!" A woman on the front without any underwear on and private areas barely hidden. Breasts hanging down in several pictures. This was totally unsolicited, I do ...
Not-So-Happy holidays from

Does anyone have any advice on what steps to take in a situation when an online vendor just doesn't care? My wife and I are Americans living in Africa with our two little boys. Christmas takes lots of advance planning and purchasing months in advance. We did so with a little scooter we bought from Months after ... - B-Buckles
Terrible service!

I ordered B-Buckles and asked for it to be shipped faster for an extra fee. I waited two weeks and contacted them. They never provided a tracking number for this. I was contacted by them and they said it would be looked into and that the one product I wanted was out of stock so I had to choose another one. After waiting back ...