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Complaint / Review
Sam Feliciano
Consumer Report

Craig list rental scam
This is the e-mail information back on frot from the scammer.
I belive I ALREADY giving them to musch inforamtion, but it was too good to be tru so I did not send any $
Thanks so much for the email, Well i and my wife has accepted you as our new tenant so you will be sending the SecurIty deposit and first Month rent payment which is $1200 so after 48hrs you get the keys hope you understand. We will send the following document to you via FEDEX to the address you sent to us why filling out the Rental Application Form and the tracking number for the FedEx shipment will be sent to you so that you can possibly go see the house, Please once again, we are giving you this house based on trust, as i believe that God has brought us together for greatness, and i know that this is nothing but a blessing from above also the monthly rent covers all utilities so you don`t have to worry about that... Below is the western union information to make send payment to us ok...

Receiver's Name: Sam Feliciano
Address: 147 Karimu street.
City: Yaba
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Zip code: 23401
Text Question: Who created us?
Text Answer: God

Thanks we await your response, once you send the money i will want you to email me the confirmation number which will be given to you from the Western Union just like the 10DIGIT MTCN# Sender`s Name etc.

Best Regards

From: Sheran To: [email protected]
Sent: Sunday, November 11 2:35 PM
Subject: Re: $700 / 3br - Very nIce & freshly paInted one story home w/over 2,100 sq ft. FamIly. (MIamI FL)

Yes please send me the information.

Original Message
From: Sam Feliciano
To: Sheran
Sent: Sun, Nov 11 5:30 pm
Subject: Re: $700 / 3br - Very nIce & freshly paInted one story home w/over 2,100 sq ft. FamIly. (MIamI FL)

Hi Sheran,

Thanks for getting back to me with your rental application form well filled out. My family and I occupied before leaving for west Africa Nigeria. I must let you know we are GOD fearing family and we are doing this out of trust and GOD'S own guardians and pray this work out as planned. We intend sending you the packages with the address address which you send to me while filling the rental application form ok. You will need to make payment for SecurIty DeposIt is: $500 and first Month rent is: $700 total is: $1200 to enable me secure the unit till you are ready to move so the deposit will be needed as soon as possible so as to proceed with the arrangement of the keys and documents. You receive the keys and documents after 48hours of your move in you send the rest also i want you to know that the $700 monthly rent already cover`s all utilities so you don`t have to worry about that also ther`s an internet cable in the house, you will have to promise us that once the keys is been given to you, you will take very good care of the house because this is the only property which we have for now and we can not afford to loose it. My family and i will be staying here for good 4 to 5 years, so you are to stay as long as you want in our house. So my family and I have accepted you as our new tenant and we would like to send the following document to you via FedEx courier service to the address sending to us and the tracking number will be sent to you so that you can possibly occupy our condo, Please once again, we are giving you this base on trust and do not disappoint us and i promise you that, you will love the house.

Here are the contents of the document.
1) House Entrance keys and the rooms Keys
2) House Rental form (Containing your reference details)
3) The house documentary file
4) Security deposit Receipt (Refundable).

You will be using western union money transfer to pay the SecurIty deposit and first Month rent payment which is $1200 first until we are able to open an account where the rent should be paid into also please call me on this contact number 2348060630861

So we will want to have the answer to this few questions...

Can you send the refundable security deposit and first Month rent which is $1200 to hold the house for you now?

Do you want me to send you the information for western union?

Remain Blessed
Sam Feliciano.

From: Sheran To: [email protected]
Sent: Sunday, November 11 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: $700 / 3br - Very nIce & freshly paInted one story home w/over 2,100 sq ft. FamIly. (MIamI FL)

From: Sheran To: Sam FelIcIano
Sent: Saturday, November 10 8:27 PM
Subject: Re: $700 / 3br - Very nIce & freshly paInted one story home w/over 2,100 sq ft. FamIly. (MIamI FL) rd

I am really Interestted. My ph (Personal Information Removed) I wIll at Church mornIng but I wIll fIll out the questIonaIre a reply.

Thank you
Sheran Kennedy

Sam FelIcIano wrote:


I am sorry for my late response to your emaIl as I have been busy lately, It gIves me great joy to know that you are Interestted In my lovely house, Its stIll very much avaIlable for rent and ready for ImmedIate occupancy. I am sure you would be askIng yourself why my rent Is low, that's because I am not too keen about the amount In rentIng the house out but to whom I am rentIng the house out to and I spent less tIme In the States so I could not get a hold on any Realtor to handle thIs rent Issue, although It was when I knew how long we are goIng to stay In AfrIca that I decIded to rent out the house.

More so, the InItIal plan was to sale out the House. WhIch I trIed, but sometImes the agents Inflates the prIze and It takes longer to sell I am tellIng you thIs In case If you fInd the house on another websIte, that Is the old advert, but had to change my mInd as my WIfe Is not OK wIth us sellIng the house. My IntentIon Is to rent my house to someone that Is responsIble and be ready to take great care of the house as If It were hIs or hers, that Is why the rent Is low. I am very certaIn that you would love the comfy of the house.

I would lIke you to know that I am gIvIng thIs house out for rent because I have been posted to West AfrIca as an PedIatrIcIan (KId'sDoctor) and would spend couple of years before I would be through wIth my assIgnment here and If not because of thIs, I wouldn't have been rentIng the home out because me and my famIly resIdes In the house and we love the house so much. Me and my famIly have decIded that we would be movIng to our other home In Las Vegas, NV when we get back to the states, I would lIke you to complete the tenant applIcatIon form below and please be honest wIth the detaIls to enable us choose the rIght tenant.

LOCATION: (Personal Information Removed)

Rent Fees: Rent Per Month: $700 (IncludIng UtIlItIes)
SecurIty DeposIt: $500 (Refundable)

Large 3 Bedroom 2 B
Lot: 0.25 accer
Pets Allowed.
All utIlItIes are Included In the rent.

Complete the tenant application form below:

First name:%
middle name:%
last name:%
monthly income:%
{cell) phone:%
(work) phone:%
(home) phone:%
best time to call you:%
kids:% (yes/no), how many:%
do you have a car% (yes/no), how many:%
how many people will be living in the house:%
present address:%
zip code:%
why are you leaving your present home:%
current landlord name and phone number:%
if this house is being given to you,
how long do you intend staying:%
when do you intend moving in:%
if you have a pet,
name of pet:%
kind of pets:%


Do you smoke:%
do you drink:%
do you work late night:%
do you agree to make deposit payment to get the keys and documents:%
when do you want to receive the keys and documents:%

After I have receIved the above detaIls, I wIll dIscuss wIth my wIfe (famIly) and let you know our terms and how we would conclude the rentIng process so you can move Into our home asap. You can drIve by the house sInce I am not In the State/Country and I don't have anyone to show you the InsIde of the house for now as our lawyer Is presently In London, UK for a case and he Is so busy rIght now but I can gIve you hIs number to call hIm, so If you are stIll Interestted let me know by fIllIng the form above.

LookIng forward to hear from you wIth all thIs detaIls so that I can have It In my fIle In case of IssuIng the receIpt for you and contactIng you. You can call us for more InformatIon on the rental on our West AfrIca number as we are In West AfrIca already on 2348060630861

I hope to hear from you soonest.
God Bless You,
Sam FelIcIano

"Trust In the Lord wIth all your heart, And lean not on your own understandIng; In all your ways acknowledge HIm, And He shall dIrect your paths. Do not be wIse In your own eyes; Fear the Lord and depart from evIl..."Proverbs 3:5-7

From: Sheran To: [email protected]
Sent: FrIday, November 9 5:34 PM
Subject: $700 / 3br - Very nIce & freshly paInted one story home w/over 2,100 sq ft. FamIly. (MIamI FL)

LookIng for somethIng In the next 30days, famIly of 4, were Is thIs located m what Is the deposIt requIred.

Thanks you

Offender: Sam Feliciano

Country: USA

Category: Miscellaneous


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