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Complaint / Review
Chris Middlebrook
Consumer Report

Hello Diana,

Thanks so much for your response.

I would prefer if we talk this matter over on the phone, however, I request that you go through the details below for a better understanding of this possible joint venture.

Note that I got your contact information from a survey leads where most people work from home to get additional income and in such leads you will find reliable businessmen and women, so when i saw that you had same last name as my late client I know that i could trust you to do this with, okay?

My mail to you was written as a matter of last resort because of the circumstances surrounding this claim. Mr Peter Oneill was an oil merchant and he had oil dealings around Europe and Africa. He died in 2004 at 54, along side his wife, Maria, 46, and their only daughter, Katharina, 11.

I had contacted you to solicit your honest assistance in re-profiling funds being to my late client. I want you to consider the details so you could understand the fuller reasons I need your co-operation.

Mr Peter Oneill lived most of his years here in Johannesburg. I served as his private attorney for the last eight years preceding his death, and I had known the family a little while before then. Mr Peter migrated into Johannesburg a long time ago as an orphan. I never knew his father but I knew him to be the Late Mr Antonio who died in Belgium. I contacted you because after the death of my late client, I was informed by the Bank to search for any member of his extended family (related especially consanguinity), to put up a claim, or who could be so represented as managers or trustees for his deposited funds with them which stands at over 30 Million Pounds due to the fact that he died with his immediate family members. After preliminary efforts of search which came to no avail, We were given an ultimatum at the beginning of the new year to look for some one to come for the claim or have the funds liquidated and made unserviceable in accordance with existing laws because it will be assumed that no member of his family is alive. However, it might interest you to know that, after a thorough investigation in the Bank, I found out that some members of the company are currently planning to divert this fund in their selfish interest and only want to use the excuse that since I am not able to look for some one to make the claim, the money should be made unserviceable and that means reverting the fund to the Government while the company retains a percentage of it. After their plans and professional consideration on my part, I decided to look for some one credible, with the same last name with my late client, to apply for this claim due to the fact that I have at my possession some legal documents which are very important and which might be requested by them and which, can only be provided by my chambers since they have since been with us.

I feel and know that you will be able to make this claim successfully because of your rare last name which is the same as that of my late client's and as a result of this I do not want the Bank to be aware that I contacted you first in order to prevent them from going into much investigations on whom you actually are and that can put the success of this transaction on the line. I want you to be rest assured that this is legal with no risk involved, since all the legal documents that gives you the right to make the claim is available. This is a deal I am offering you and I want you to know that it requires only a mature mind to understand all I am saying and I believe you are mature enough which is the reason I am going further.

As per the cost please note that as soon as the money is transferred to you, we are going to set aside 5% of the total sum for any expenses that will be incurred during the course of this transaction, which means that whatever money you spend upfront, you will first deduct it from the 5% while the remaining 95% will be shared between us equally, okay?

I am taking my time to explain all these to you now because I want you to see the reasons why my name should not be mentioned any time you are discussing with the members of the Bank and why this transaction has to be kept really confidential in order for us to be able to achieve our goals neatly. NOTE that if they request to know how you came to know that your family member (Peter) had such an amount of funds with them and who contacted you, which I am not sure they will ask, but in order to be on the safer side, if you are asked, be confident to tell them that the extended family discovered some documents in his archives showing that Mr Peter Oneill lodged such funds with them and that is why you have been sent by the paternal family to contact the bank.

Anyway, further deliberations will be held on this as we proceed. I want you to know that I have these documents as well as the death certificate of Mr. Peter Oneill to show to you as proof and I will release them to you as soon as I have attained your confidence, maybe after we speak on phone. I will also provide you with any information you need as we proceed. Please bear in mind that you have to be really sure if you are going ahead or not for I do not want to jeopardize the success of this transaction which means so much to me at the moment. I will wait for your response and please do not forget about the discreet of this transaction.

Send your direct telephone number so that I can call you or you can call me on my direct telephone number 27787722849.

Best Regards,

Chris Middlebrook.

From: (Personal Information Removed)
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Good Day Diana
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 23:57: 49 1100

Hello Chris,
What are your clients details? I have extensive family records that I can reserch.
Thank s


From: [email protected]
To: (Personal Information Removed)
Subject: Good Day Diana
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 07:01: 20 0200

Chris Middlebrook
C & A Friedlander Attorneys
Third Floor
42 Keerom Street, Cape Town.
South Africa.
Tel: 27787722849

Good Day Diana,

How are you today? Below was my first email to you:

This is a personal email directed to you and I request that it is treated as such. I am Chris Middlebrook, a solicitor at law. I am the personal attorney/sole executor to late Mr. Peter Oneill, hereinafter referred to as my client' who worked as an independent oil magnate in my country and who died in a car crash with his immediate family on the 4th of Oct.

Since the death of my client in Oct, I have written several letters to the embassy with intent to locate any of his extended relatives whom shall be claimants/beneficiaries of his abandoned personal estate and all such efforts have been to no avail.
More so, I have received official letters in the last few weeks suggesting a likely proceeding for confiscation of his abandoned personal assets in line with existing laws by the bank in which my client deposited the sum of Thirty million pounds.

On this note I decided to search for a credible person and finding that you bear a similar last name, I was urged to contact you that I may, with your consent, present you to the "trustee" bank as my late client’s surviving family member so as to enable you put up a claim to the bank in that capacity as a next of kin of my client.

I find this possible for the fuller reasons that you bear a similar last name with my client making it a lot easier for you to put up a claim in that capacity. I propose that fifty percent of the net sum will accrue to you at the conclusion of this deal in so far as I do not incur further expenses.
Therefore, to facilitate the immediate transfer of this fund, you need, first to contact me via email signifying your interest and as soon as I obtain your confidence, I will immediately appraise you with the complete details as well as send you the documents, with which you are to proceed and I shall direct on how to put up an application to the bank.

However, you will have to accent to an express agreement which I will forward to you in order to bind us in this transaction. Upon the receipt of your reply, I will send you by E-mail the next step to take. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this proposal is hitch-free and that you should not entertain any fears as the required arrangements have been made for the completion of this transfer. Like I said, I require only a solemn confidentiality.

Best regards,
Chris Middlebrook.

From: (Personal Information Removed)
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: I have emailed you earlier on without any response from you
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 18:34: 07 1000

Hello Chris,
What are your late client's details? I will see if it matches my ancestory.
Thank you


Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 03:19: 27 -0700
From: [email protected]
Subject: I have emailed you earlier on without any response from you

Good day,

I am Chris Middlebrook. I have emailed you earlier on without any response from you. On my first email I mentioned about my late client whose relatives I cannot get in touch with. But both of you have the same last name so it will be very easy to front you as his official next of kin. I am compelled to do this because I would not want the finance house to push my clients funds into their treasury as unclaimed inheritance. If you are interested you do let me know so that I can give you Comprehensive details on what we are to do.

Yours faithfully,
Chris Middlebrook.

Offender: Chris Middlebrook

Country: USA

Category: Miscellaneous


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