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Citygrid media
Citygrid Worst so called media site EVER!

Have you heard of this company? CityGrid? They are taking advantage of unsuspecting business owners like you every day. How are they doing this? The company claims to help you advertise your business, by asking you to pay to list your company on their directory. Once youve paid a minimum of $319 to post the listing, you are told they will drive traffic to your listing which will help your business grow. This high number leads you to believe this will seriously benefit your business, that only larger businesses with more advertising money can actually afford to pay this and really take advantage of this...

So as a small business owner, you are looking for some credibility and want to help your business grow, you have a quality product or service, so you want your phones to wring or the emails to start coming in. So you put aside some funds towards things like this that would help your business grow. You bite the bullet and pay to get your company listed, little do you know— you are about to get sucked into a nightmare that could cost your business everything.

One month goes by and you check results, you visit their website and on your shiny new profile you see that a handful of people have been viewing your little profile, but not nearly enough for the amount of money you paid. Surely they visited your website? Looking at the Google Analytics tracking you included on your site, you notice that not a single visitor has come to your website. Furious at the poor results, you decide to cancel your listing and request that a refund be given due to poor performance. Unfortunately your emails go unheard, so now its time to call support.

Upon calling you are told that you cannot cancel until the end of your next billing period. You say this is ridiculous and that they should cancel the account immediately, its insulting how much you paid and how bad the results are. They say you didnt complete your profile, but you have 99% of what is up and posted. They say this isnt how IT works, you have to wait until the next billing period before you can cancel. You ask them politely to please cancel your account now and refund you. They repeate the same thing over and over... They can refund you and cancel your account as soon as the end of the billing period comes. So you foolishly take his/her word for it simply tired of fighting.

When the next cycle comes, your bank account shows yet another $319 has been debited, you call and say you would like to cancel your account now, and you fight for your money, but unfortunately nobody is on your side.By signing up to the service you agreed to pay them $319 for cost per click ads on their advertising network that supposedly send people to your profile that you have no proof that these people even visited or exist, since the stats are all provided by CityGrid.

Finally another billing cycle goes by and you are charged another $319. Youve asked the credit card company to stop allowing any payments and they are happy to comply. But CityGrid is not, they want to steal more of your money, so they start sending debt collectors your way. Thankfully you told the bank about this and youve only paid $250. But now CityGrid claims you owe them. Without my effort to fight the last two bills, I am told I would have had to pay them over $1000 for them to have done absolutely nothing for me except give me grief and waste my time.

When you start a business you need as much help as you can get, you need people on your side who can support you and help you grow. I now have debt collectors calling me and calling my credit card company telling them that I owe money and ruining my credit score, all because I signed up for a shitty service that did nothing for me and because they refused to cancel my accont and refund me for such a poor performing service. Im putting up this website to help warn others of this terrible scam of a company, so that you may not have to go through this ordeal as I have, I wish the best for your companies success, and hope you dont have to fall into the trap as I have done. I wish there was more that can be done, but unfortunately companies like this go about their scammy ways unchecked, and from what I can tell things like this are only going to be more common in the future.

Do not use the services of this company, you will be sorry. If you wish to inquire about the accuracy of this account/had similar experience, please contact me at - I will happily provide proof of all accounts. Meanwhile, every day new people fall into the trap and this company continues to take advantage of people and steal their money, all over the world. Please see complaint for similar accounts.

Offender: Citygrid media

Country: USA

Category: Miscellaneous


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