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Ok so i was with the foxtell tv for over 2 years so thay offer me some free thing that after 2 months rolls on to a sub scription for multyroom or soem (Inappropriate Content Removed) witch i havd no practical use for...

I said no, few days later my english skilsl got worse and then i wrote this letter months later... Any how im telling the story..

After a litlle while of a few days thay call again and offer the same thing but with a different pperator... Still i say no but thay persist..

Si i ask for the pacage but not to have it roll over to the moth thing subscription and thay say well that is ok we can accomidate you just have to call and cancell with that and i say no thay go to another operatior...
After asking me to wait ofcause...
Hmm after a while on hold the idk person trained in coeersion comes on ahaha... And then just makes me lovely offers and that but i say well i cant doo that im on a fixed income... Thay eventually agree i can have the multi room REWARD for the 2 months and then thatll be that... After the 2 months i get a massive bill and i call them to complain. However thay tell me to notice i wa credited money previously to my account so i dont have to pay for the extra things thay thay had added to the buill... I go away...
So i call them later once the 2 months is over and ask why thay haddnt taken the package off and im not in this new program of charges for multyroom... So i ask them to cancell that and thay tell me im in a billin period and i have to pay exstra to cancell it... So im rather annoyed and then thay charge for this and that so i cancell the whole package because after
cancelling the multy room thay just start charging what package i had originally at a large price more then i had from befor... No i know i havenot the billd for this hmm and usually payed cash at the post office... But i figure thay have records any way. So i cancell thw whole package and thy call me and tell me i owe them 32$ still and i need to pay them... And thay say o me that i should be at work now i can pay them thay will take me to cought and i told them ive been on a diability pension for longer then i was on the program with you... O there saying that thay know i was only haveing a bad back problem and i told them thay need to (Inappropriate Content Removed) off because what im doong is not their buisness thay are a foxtell not even grovernmmeny. some (Inappropriate Content Removed) like that no one klistehn... So thay sent me a cheq for 32$ to say im bad person something idk some thinkg ;) this is so bad luck... Ehh then thay sell the company this year... Also i told some one on skype and thay tell their dad there dad call soem one befor thay sell company and some thing like said something about muffin basket and a 1996 holden statedman something like that lol O-0

Offender: Foztell

Country: USA   City: North Ryde
Address: 5 Thomas Holt Drive
Phone: 61298136000, 611300785622

Category: Miscellaneous


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