» Miscellaneous » Complaint / Review: - Uamd Ebay Let The Shill Bidding Began - - - UAMD - EBAY LET THE SHILL BIDDING BEGAN shill bids ripped off for hundreds of dollars. #303290

Complaint / Review - Uamd Ebay Let The Shill Bidding Began - - UAMD - EBAY LET THE SHILL BIDDING BEGAN shill bids ripped off for hundreds of dollars 2piratesbringyoutreasures creepyhollows UAMD are the raunchiest con artist hypocrites on Ebay and members of the CH shill-bidding ring. DD posts questions and the responses on her Ebay listings taking on the double role of customer and vendor. DD told CH her plan to get friendly with popular sellers they had trashed and to redo the CC forum and write nice posts because DD and CH had lost their selling status. DD wants everyone to think she's the popular lovable vendor every customer's and vendor's friend. DD writes praises for herself on CH forum pretending to be the customers who love her with multiple forum names. DD posted the lady who maintains her site is a crack head for real. DD sounds like she's on crack. DD has fake items and once auctioned a fisherman's netball. DD isn't a savoir for vendors and is an active and willing member of a trash team shill bidding organization. Evil will follow all things auctioned by UAMD, CH, and DD. DD should know vendors are not afraid of her. Vendors and customers know DD trashed reputations and the truth is DD is a big fake. DD is the darkest of the dark and a total fraud. DD should get a real job and stop ripping off customers with her sex toys and fantasy evil monsters she sees after a heavy night of boozing.

The haunted rip offs are notorious for costing over $50 and the only ones getting rich are the haunted vendors who sleep in all day waiting to pick the pockets of the vulnerable and easy targets. Keep your hard earned money in your pocket and never place a bid over $50. Send the shill bidders and con artists packing. The cons watch the new craze of haunted shows and steal the story lines for their next prey. Moonstruck Ghost Whisperers Medium just to name a few. Buy a bag of popcorn and summon a TV conjuration. It will be as potent as any of the crap pieces auctioned on Ebay and free. It's a SCAM people.

Do these people report their income to the IRS or is it a free for all? Paypal has a new tracking system for deadbeats who line their pockets with your hard earned cash and paypal reports the money to the IRS when a vendor is investigated. Wait and see DD and her multiple personalities will defend themselves different names but the same hands. DD I drank your milkshake and my sanity kicked your insanity's butt. Bring it on. DD CH UAMD game over and you lose.


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