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This company are nothing but total SLUM LORDS! None of the septic systems are up to the county code and they are trying to make the residents pay for them to get fixed. When they are their responsibility. The trees are all dead in there and in perfect weather they are falling onto our homes. (In our Park we own our homes and pay this misable company $1000.00 a month for nothing). I have had two huge branches fall on my house already one costing me a new roof and they would not take responsibility for it when the trees are theirs. They tell us we want them removed we have to pay for it. I have three that are rotted. They took one down after the Sandy Storm and left a huge stump in my yard. The roads in our park are nothing but pot holes that are destroying our cars. And one of our neighbors was out walking and tripped and feel in one and they got a broken nose. All they do is throw stones in the holes. Which in a couple days are all over the road and not in the hole. So now your dodge pot holes and rocks that you could twist your ankle on when you go out walking. When contacting the park they said not their problem. They do not have the funds to fix the roads. This company on our park alone is making 2.4 million a year and self proclaimed on their web site they have 4 billions of dollars in assets and they are raking in 32 million a year. You have to be fricken kidding me you can not afford to fix the road!
The out door lighting is 85% of the time not working. Electrician's they bring in tell us all the time they are not allowed to correctly fix our under ground wiring that they are only allowed to splice the wires and twist them back together to get it up and running. They have told us the place is a timing time bomb because of the electrical wiring me have in there. A few months ago one of the underground wires caught on fire and the flames and smoke coming out of the ground in front on a residents home. They had it fixed but left the drench they dug to do so opened for months!!!!
We haven't had a manager in the park in over a two months. The regional manager (for the lack of a better word because this woman is a snake in the ground and a raging bitch) she lives in Connecticut no where close to the place we live. But comes out 4 times a year and sees all the shit going on and does nothing.
We pay rent for a pool they ripped out because they didn't want to deal with it. We pay rent for garbage pick up 3 days a week and many time the company does not pay their damn bills and we have garbage piling up all over till they decide to pay the damn bill. Our what they call club house is a joke it is a room and the office and there is nothing there to do. They yell at the kids when they are in the street kicking the ball they cannot be in the road. This place gives them no where to play. They claim they have plenty of parking in the place what a joke. There are 200 homes paying 1000.00 a month and we have one stop that has 4 parking spots and then there is one by the office that maybe has 6 spots.

Their website is a TOTAL JOKE AND LIE. They claim they make their residents and employees first.
Their employees are the first one to get blamed when shit hits the fan. Like our manager that left his keys on the desk and just walked out on them. WHY because the park got 300 violations from the town for the park and they have allowed people to build without permits plus they have been refusing to get their required annual survey done. They blamed is all on the manager that was in place. And after he walked out the regional manager called a park meeting and blamed it all on the residents.
When she has been there every single quarter and saw everything that was going on and did nothing!
She told the tenants if they didn't like it to move out and find somewhere else to live. (easier said then done when you have a mortgage on your house and you are paying $1000.00 month for the land to them). She claimed she would never live in a place like this.
Well maybe they should make her and all other managers and the CEO in the company be forced to live in these Slum parks they are running till they fix the issues.

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Author: None thanks

Offender: RHP Properties

Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Farmington Hills   Zip: 48334-5900
Address: 32100 Northwestern Hwy
Phone: 2846260737

Category: Miscellaneous


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