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Groupon Singapore
Groupon Singapore No Refund - Joy River Air Purifie

Basically, Groupon stole about $100 in cash from me, and has been keeping it for over a month now. I keep telling them to give it back.

What happened? It was my first time buying goods from Groupon. I ordered earrings and a phone case from Groupon. I waited for the items to arrive in the mail. Singpost sent a sms saying that the goods had been delivered. I checked my letterbox - it was empty! I emailed Groupon and they told me to wait longer. About a week later, I find out that Groupon sent the items to the wrong address. It was a completely different address to one they promised to deliver to in the confirmation email! Anyway, I let them know their mistake.

Then I order a air purifier. This purifier is not cheap - $94 - for a student. I live in a small room with little air flow, next to a dusty construction site, so I was happy that Groupon had this offer. The offer promised delivery within 7 calendar days. This was ok, but if Groupon breached this condition then I'd be in trouble, because (1) I was going to travel and would not be able to receive the item, and (2) I would be moving out soon and the purifier would be hardly used. Anyway so after the 7 calendar days had passed, I had not received my purifier, so I emailed them again.

Groupon approved my request for a refund. They told me to wait 5 working days.

5 working days later - no refund. I email them. They tell me to wait another few working days. I wait - still no refund. I email them again. Guess what happens? They tell me that they have delivered the purifier.By now I am really angry - Groupon basically decided to cheat me out of my refund by sending the item anyway!

What's worse is that they delivered it to the wrong address AGAIN!

There is no more time to use the purifer in my room now. So I take the MRT and then walk to Henderson Service Centre, carrying the very heavy purifer in my arms. I return the item to Groupon. The Groupon guy fills out another Refund Form and tells me to wait ANOTHER 10-14 working days. I say it is not reasonable for me to wait again. The guy tells me that it's not his problem: "I'm just a worker here."

I am tired of reading Groupon emails with copy-and-paste "Thank you for your patience." and "We truly regret that you had an unpleasant experience with this deal. We hope you understand that this is not the kind of experience we want our customers to have with any of our deals."

$94 was deducted from my Debit Card on 31 March, and it is now 4 May.

So right now, I am still waiting for my refund: (

Offender: Groupon Singapore

Country: USA

Category: Miscellaneous


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