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Family Dollar Stores, Inc
Family Dollar store Mt. Gilead, Ohio sauce pan and inside peeling paint - sauce pans omg! Had to throw out the whole pot of food due to paint peeling off inside of pot and into food!

My hubby wanted sausage gravy this morning, so I get the new sauce pan out that I bought at the Family Dollar store in Mt. Gilead Ohio... I used a whole roll of sausage, a cup of flour and almost a half gallon of milk. Then I noticed all these black specks in my gravy!!! Omg!!! It was the paint from the inside of the pot!!! So ...

Legal Zoom
Unauthorized billing

You have begun billing me for a recurring service I did not ask for or want. And I certainly do not plan to allow you to continue. But I want a refund. So far, emails have gone unanswered, and I've been on hold with your "customer service" for 27 minutes. You certainly were much quicker to bill me. What gives? Not me anymore. ...

Attorney Gary Saunders
Ad experience

My opinion and bad experience with Corona Attorney Gary Saunders. We retained the Law Offices of Gary Saunders in Corona to file a lawsuit against Bank of America for Wrongful Foreclosure. We paid $5000 up front retainer, provided our information and escrow documents, etc. Their office also said the would need a separate ...