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Legal Mediation Practice

I had these people call me on Monday 6/23. A lady named Brenda is who I spoke to. She told me she was a lawyer (lie #1) and then asked me for my SSN and address. I refused to give her either one. I know better! Then she told me that I had written a bad check, would NOT tell me what company I had written the check to, and told ...

Matt Mullhofer
Bogus land trust scam

I went to lawyer matt mullhofer to do a will and he put my house in a land trust which he and his cohorts now control. I can't get my own house back now. These guys stole my property and put it in other people’s names. I got to pay court fees now to get it back if ever. I complained and he never called me back. I am really ...

Fathers Choice
Total scam

If you read this email then PLEASE DO NOT USE Fathers Choice services! They are very quick to take your money and very slow to assist you in the way they say they will. I needed to file to have my child support reduced and the case manager (Tom Hutchison) convinced me that adjusting the visitation would help me in my endeavors. ...

Scam charges

I agreed to buy a cd for which they were going to charge around 3.00 dollars and the next thing I found out while checking my bank account is that they charged me 39.95, I don't know for what. I think this is a rip-off, they are stealing my money. ...

Morgan & Pottinger

This company procured Morgan and Pottinger of Louisville, Kentucky to draft a lawsuit against me for an account I have absolutely no clue as to what is going on. I contacted the lawyer's office and no return calls except for a lady named Cindy and not even her. So far, nobody is talking. Neither this office nor palisades. With ...