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Fraud and cheating!

I responded to an e-mail offer from Consumer Gain, promising a Gateway Laptop for responding to two offers from associated advertisers. I completed applications from CitiBank and Discover for a credit card. This is the second time I've completed one of their offers, and I'd best see my free laptop this time around, or I promise ...

Honesty Factor
Ripping people off!

As of June 2006&Honesty Factor is run under many names: Rock Harbor Yachts RHY Coyote Distributors Golden Dragon Technologies Yippeenet Yippeenet Design Yippeekids GWDAD Global Website Design and Development Formula 1 Audio HFDG2 The company is owned by Mark Davis and Tara Lewis. It has two other employees a female sales person ...

WC Value Plus
This is a huge scam!

I was charged $19.95 by W/C Value Plus for nothing. I have no idea where this charge originated, but I sent a complaint letter to Hopkins, MN and was finally issued credits for over $200.00. How did this happen? Others have had the same problem. This is a huge scam!!! Please investigate and reply to me at ...