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Warning! To all of you who are looking for a power leveling service. Just recently I decided to purchase 2 power leveling services for me and my wife's characters. We been playing for a few months and questing got kinda old and we both have full time jobs so we decided to speed things up. I asked around the guild if anybody ever used a power leveling service or if they can recommend a site but no body did. So I decided to Google and came across a real good deal at Within a few seconds after visiting the site I got a chat request from a person named "Angela". Right off the bat I realized the person was from a third world country, the english simply didn't make sense (I didn't care). Anyways I was offered a discount if I purchased services for both accounts which I did. I immediately made the transaction via paypal and was told they will start leveling my character within an hour.

Next day I go to work and a friend of mine calls me asking me how come I been online in the same area for the last 14 hours. I told him I purchased a power leveling service from the site listed above and they're currently leveling my character. A few hours later he calls me back telling me he is watching my character and it's a BOT not an actual person. At first I thought he was pulling my leg since BOTs are a big nono since you can get permanently banned. Then within a few minutes my other friend called and confirmed it was a BOT. I immediately contact to see wtf was going on and why they're using a BOT to level my character. I spoke to "Neela" here's the chat script

We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.

Neela 03-20 22:12: 39

Hello, Welcome to our live help, my name is Neela, may I know your name?

You 03-20 22:12: 44

Hey Neela

You 03-20 22:12: 46

Are you there?

Neela 03-20 22:13: 20

Yes, What can I do for you?

You 03-20 22:13: 38

Cool, I purchased 2 power leveling services from you guys yesterday one for me one for my wife

You 03-20 22:14: 17

And my friends called me right now and said it's a bot

You 03-20 22:14: 26

Now I was told you guys don't use bots

You 03-20 22:14: 29

And bots = ban

Neela 03-20 22:14: 38

Could you tell me your order# and wow account name?

You 03-20 22:14: 47


You 03-20 22:15: 09


You 03-20 22:15: 17


You 03-20 22:15: 40


You 03-20 22:15: 45

Wow account name is *

Neela 03-20 22:17: 21

Okay, a couple of mins, plz.

You 03-20 22:18: 00


Neela 03-20 22:20: 56


You 03-20 22:20: 58


Neela 03-20 22:21: 24

I have told the leveler to do it carefully, he will take after it

You 03-20 22:21: 39

The leveler is a bot man

You 03-20 22:21: 50

You 100% guarantee it's not a bot yes?

You 03-20 22:22: 03

Because i have 2 accounts you guys leveling

You 03-20 22:22: 12

And if they both get banned for bots thats very bad

You 03-20 22:25: 09


Neela 03-20 22:25: 33

We will take care of it, your account will be ok

You 03-20 22:26: 51

Okay i trust you

After a few hours I had my friend fly over and see if they're still using a BOT and he confirmed my character was still in the exact same spot grinding away for nearly 20 hours. I immediately decided to change the passwords and open a dispute with paypal and I finally got my refund today. After further investigation I dug up some dirt about these guys according to Complains Board

This site is mass producing sister sites that sell the same product and offer the same chinese operated customer service. All accounts being sold by this company are Chinese, if you are buying an account dont buy from any of the sites listed below they are all registered, owned and operated by the same chinese invidvidual.

Anyways even though I was refunded the real reason why I'm doing this is the fact that they put both of my accounts which me and my wife spent a ton of hours trying to level up were put at risk of being banned. Even though they claim on their website under FAQ "1. How do you level my character?

We assign 2 or 3 expert players to your character to do the leveling; the person playing your character has a very good understanding of how your specific class is played. Your character is primarily leveled via what is commonly known as "grinding, " where we play solo simply killing monsters over and over. However we do sometimes do simple quests to obtain experience. We have extensive knowledge of your game's world and know the best areas & quests to level your character as fast as possible."

So remember if you ever plan to have your character power leveled make sure the person 1. Speaks english 2. They dont use bots.

Cheers and good luck!

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Offender: WGX Entertainment

Country: USA   State: California

Category: Internet & Web / Online Scam


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