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Cheapestgamegold lanying wang Scam, Game Gold, Diablo, WOW

This website is a scam. I placed an order for 1000k gold for Diablo 3 and did not hear from them at all. Just like the other report on here I talked to the online chat support who told me to email the company my details. A day later I heard nothing from them and contacted the online chat support again.

The online chat support is generic and spits out the same info. I had a feeling this website was not legit so the only reason I placed an order was because they accepted PayPal. So I opened a dispute with them and conveniently enough I got a live person who knew what they were talking about on chat support.

The seller tried to get me to close my dispute and then he said he would give me the gold. What a conman! Once the dispute is closed I lose all rights to file a claim and the seller keeps my money without rendering service!

After I told him how it was he ended the chat session with "bye"

5 min later he refunded my money. This guy would have screwed me if he could but I wouldnt allow it.

Dont do business with this website, they are scammers.

The following is the chat session:


game gold service

The chat is created, linda888 is servicing you

linda888 Say: (05-28 14:08: 40)
welcome to our site, what can i help you?
You Say: (05-28 14:08: 43)
Linda888 Say: (05-28 14:08: 43)
may i know your payment email address?
You Say: (05-28 14:08: 49)
I already gave it to you
You Say: (05-28 14:10: 30)
You Say: (05-28 14:10: 33)
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:11: 56)
please hold on, i will check for you
You Say: (05-28 14:12: 10)
Is this a real person or is this a bot??? /
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:13: 09)
not need golds?
You Say: (05-28 14:13: 56)
My gold was never delivered I want my gold or a refund!
Linda888 Say: (05-28 14:14: 53)
login game
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:15: 23)
SGTBang 1000k yes?
You Say: (05-28 14:15: 30)
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:17: 20)
airborne* yor email?
You Say: (05-28 14:18: 05)
Yes, I am logged in the game right now.
Linda888 Say: (05-28 14:18: 37)
wait, i just find you opened a dispute already, please close it and we ask supplier deliver gold, thanks
You Say: (05-28 14:20: 08)
I opened a dispute because I was getting no response via email or this chat session. The dispute is still open until I receive my gold or a refund.
Linda888 Say: (05-28 14:20: 46)
we have meet guys who get the glod and not close the dispute, and supplier is online now, but your money pending in paypal, so please cloze dispute, then we will deliver you gold at once
You Say: (05-28 14:22: 17)
"Remember, a closed dispute cannot be re-opened or escalated to a claim with PayPal. Make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the outcome of this dispute before you close it."
You Say: (05-28 14:22: 38)
Please send my gold and then I will close it
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:23: 16)
we have been cheat by some guys
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:23: 28)
who get the golds and not close the disjpute
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:23: 37)
so we will delieve golds later
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:23: 43)
as you clsoe it give u at once
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:23: 52)
busy day
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:23: 58)
supplier just online
You Say: (05-28 14:25: 07)
Why would they need to open a dispute in the first place? Are you scamming people? I just want my gold or a refund.
You Say: (05-28 14:25: 09)
The only reason im getting a response form you is because I opened a claim. I will not close the dispute until the gold or refund is sent.,
linda888 Say: (05-28 14:28: 36)
You Say: (05-28 14:29: 08)
Ok so you are a scammer it appears, the claim with paypal will be escalated
You Say: (05-28 14:30: 51)
This chat log will be saved and sent to paypal to show them your unwillingness to resolve this issue. Thank you.
The chat is ended!

Offender: Cheapestgamegold

Country: USA   State: All USA

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