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Complaint / Review aka webhosting world
Dollar2host is fraud company, dont ever deal with them

Attention All the web-developers, php programmers and business owners.

Dollar2host is one of the biggest fraud hosting and domain company on Internet. I paid them 48 USD for hosting a hosting account along with the domain name.

They offer one domain for a account for 2 years and within just one week I asked them to cancel my account and refund me the money. Their online terms states that they refund the money back after deducting the domain price which is 10 USD for the domain.

But they told me that they can not refund me any money coz I have domain name with it. I asked them to keep the money for the domain and refund me the money for hosting but they didnt do that.

Later when i filed a dispute with paypal, they told paypal that they have refunded all the money to me and this case must be closed.

Now this company never paid me and also suspended my accounts with them. They want me to close the dispute with paypal and also threatn me that they will suspend rest of my accounts if i dont close the dispute. I also posted on some forums and blogs about their poor service and they asked me to appologise for it and remove all the post.

Now I would like to ask from them How can they stop my voice, how can they ask me not to give my feedback against their company.

I am a customer, I paid for the service and I have a right to comment on the service. Its not the free account that they have given me which They can suspended any time and if they wish to suspend my account they are liable to pay me back.

Also there are major of draw backs that I found in this company.

1. This company claims that its a US company with their head quarters in california usa - but their paypal account is a verified non-US account. How is it possible that a USA company will have a non-us account.

2. The contact number in support section of paypal belongs to the Indian TATA number in western uttar pradesh circle.

3. Their online contact number that they have posted on the website is also fake and this is not a valid number.

4. The address that they have given on the website is also a fake address and there is no such address in California USA.

5. I have asked more than 10 times about the legal status of the company, I asked them about the regstration number and the state of their registration and they never responded me back.

Below are given some of my chats that i had saved with this company, Also I want to post the tickets that I had sent to this company but they deleted all my tickets.

Also this company claims that they have their own servers but this company is just a reseller of

Kindly check the contact details of this company.

"", " Billing Department", " Sales Department", " Support Department"

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'D2H-Livechat'

D2H-Livechat: Welcome to our real-time support chat. My Name is Helen. How can I help you today?

Nitin *: why my account is suspended?

D2H-Livechat: You have gone posting around in forums and trying to spoil our reputation, hence its decided that we will not continue to host your account

Nitin *: ok then You will have to refund me the money

D2H-Livechat: You will need to go and apologise and remove all forum links and come back and then we shall see what we can do

Nitin *: I am not going to do that

Nitin *: I will even post more and more against you

D2H-Livechat: Ok then we can also not do any thing, you can continue to do what you want

Nitin *: I am a SEO and Web-Development Expert and I am going to screw your reputation

D2H-Livechat: sure please proceed

Nitin *: If you have suspended my account then I want my money back immediately

D2H-Livechat: You will need to go and apologise and remove all forum links and come back and then we shall see what we can do

Nitin *: I will not remove them untill and unless you pay me the refund

Nitin *: Once you pay the refund then I will remove all the post

Nitin *: I assure you with that

D2H-Livechat: No first you will need to go and remove everything and apologise also

Nitin *: No

Nitin *: Coz I have been asking a lot of times from you guys about your contact details and I never got that

Nitin *: I also wanted a refund for a unused account but you never did that

Nitin *: so its you who will have to take the first step

Nitin *: I never intended to do so but you guys just forced me to do it

D2H-Livechat: We cannot take any action with your account

Nitin *: You mean you will not refund me the money

Nitin *: I asked you several times about the contact details of your company

Nitin *: I asked about the legal status of your company

Nitin *: and you kept telling me that your company is a US company

Nitin *: where as your paypal account is a verified non-us account, how is it possible that a US company has a verified non-us account

Nitin *: also you told me that your address is in California

Nitin *: and your support mobile number in paypal belongs to a Uttar Pradesh Tata Number

Nitin *: also your contact number on your website that you have shown is not a valid number

Nitin *: that means you people are making general public fools

Nitin *: and now you have suspended my account without any reason

Nitin *: How does it matter what I have posted, you have not given me this account free of cost

Nitin *: I paid for it and I have a right to comment anything on any of your service

Nitin *: so if you want to suspended my account based on my comments then you will have to refund me all my money back

Nitin *: As a customer I have rights to remark about your poor services and alert other people

Nitin *: I paid you for that

Nitin *: so if you want to suspended my accounts, just refund me my money and then you can suspend the accounts I dont mind

Nitin *: Answer me as you are also liable to answer my questions

Nitin *: coz I paid you

Nitin *: If you dont answer me in next 60 seconds you will face a serious consequences

Nitin *: Ok Your 60 seconds are over and Now I will show you what I will do


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