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Complaint / Review
Dollar2host aka webhosting world
One of the biggest fraud and scam hosting company

Interest All of The web developers, php programmers and business people.

Dollar2host is among the greatest scam hosting and site organization on Web. I settled them 48 USD for hosting a hosting consideration combined with the domainname.

They provide one site to get a take into account 24 months and in just 1 week I requested them to stop my consideration and return me the cash. Their online conditions claims they return the cash back after subtracting the domain cost that will be 10 USD for that site.

However they explained that they'll not return me-any cash coz I've domainname withit. I expected them to maintain the cash for your site and return me the cash for hosting however they didnt do this.

Later after I submitted a challenge with paypal, they informed paypal they have returned all of the cash in my experience which situation should be shut.

Now the corporation never settled me as well as stopped my records together. They need me to shut the dispute with paypal as well as threatn me that they can hold relaxation of my balances easily dont shut the challenge. I also published on some boards and sites about their bad support plus they questioned me to appologise for this and eliminate all of the article.

Today I'd prefer to request from their store just how can they quit my speech, just how can they ask me to not provide my feedback against their organization.

I'm a person, I taken care of the service and that I possess a to discuss the support. Its not the free bill they have provided me That They may stopped any moment of course if they would like to hold my consideration they're prone to pay me back.

Also you can find main of draw-backs that I came across within this organization.

1. The corporation promises that its a people organization using their head-quarters in florida us - but their paypal account is just a confirmed low-US consideration. How is it feasible that the US organization may have a low-us consideration.

2. The contact amount in help portion of paypal is one of the Indian TATA quantity in american uttar pradesh group.

3. Their online contact number they have published on the site can also be phony which isn't a good quantity.

4. The tackle they have provided on the site can also be a phony handle and there's no such tackle in California USA.

5. I've requested over 10 occasions concerning the appropriate standing of the organization, I requested them concerning the regstration quantity and also the state-of their enrollment plus they never replied me back.

Here are provided a number of my talks that I'd preserved with this specific organization, Additionally I do want to article the tickets that I'd delivered to this company however they removed all my seats.

Also the corporation promises they have their very own machines but the corporation is a merchant of

Please check the contact information on the corporation.

"", " Payment Division", " Income Division", " Help Division"

Please watch for a website owner to react.

You're currently communicating with 'D2H-Livechat'

D2H-Livechat: Welcome to the real time assistance chat. My Title is Sally. How do I assist you to today?

Nitin Naresh: why my consideration is stopped?

D2H-Livechat: You've eliminated publishing around in boards and attempting to ruin our status, thus its determined that people won't proceed to host your consideration

Nitin Naresh: okay Then You Definitely will need to return me the cash

D2H-Livechat: You'll have to proceed and apologise and eliminate all community links and return after which we will observe what we are able to do

Nitin Naresh: I'm not likely to do this

Nitin Naresh: I'll actually post increasingly more against you

D2H-Livechat: Okay then we could also not do any point, you May continue to complete what you would like

Nitin Naresh: I'm a SEO and Webdevelopment Specialist and that I am likely to mess your status

D2H-Livechat: sure please continue

Nitin Naresh: when you have stopped my bill then I'd like my money-back instantly

D2H-Livechat: You'll have to proceed and apologise and eliminate all community links and return after which we will observe what we are able to do

Nitin Naresh: I'll not take them off untill and if you don't spend me the reimbursement

Nitin Naresh: when you spend the reimbursement then I'll eliminate All of the article

Nitin Naresh: I guarantee you with that

D2H-Livechat: No first you'll have to proceed and eliminate anything and apologise likewise

Nitin Naresh: No

Nitin Naresh: Coz I've been requesting lots of occasions from you men about your contact details and that I never got that

Nitin Naresh: I also desired a reimbursement to get a abandoned consideration however, you never did that

Nitin Naresh: so its you who'll need to consider the initial step

Nitin Naresh: I never meant to achieve this however, you guys just compelled me To complete it

D2H-Livechat: we can not consider any motion together with your account

Nitin Naresh: You suggest you'll not return me the cash

Nitin Naresh: I expected you many times concerning the contact information on your organization

Nitin Naresh: I questioned concerning the appropriate standing of one's organization

Nitin Naresh: and also you kept showing me that the organization is just a people organization

Nitin Naresh: where-as your paypal account is just a confirmed non-us consideration, how is it feasible that the people organization includes a confirmed non-us account

Nitin Naresh: you also explained That the target is in Florida

Nitin Naresh: as well as your assistance cellular amount in paypal goes to some Uttar Pradesh Tata Quantity

Nitin Naresh: furthermore your contact number in your site that you simply show isn't a legitimate quantity

Nitin Naresh: which means you individuals are producing public fools

Nitin Naresh: and today you've stopped my consideration with no cause

Nitin Naresh: how can it matter what I've published, you've not provided me this consideration cost free

Nitin Naresh: I taken care of it and that I have the right to review something on all of your support

Nitin Naresh: if you wish to stopped my account-based on my remarks you then will need to return me all my money-back

Nitin Naresh: Like A client I've privileges to comment about your bad providers and attentive others

Nitin Naresh: I settled you for that

Nitin Naresh: if you wish to stopped my balances, simply return me my cash after which you are able to hold the accounts I dont mind

Nitin Naresh: Reply me when you are additionally prone to answer my Concerns

Nitin Naresh: coz I settled you

Nitin Naresh: should you don't reply me in next 60 seconds you'll encounter a significant effects

Nitin Naresh: Okay Your 60 seconds are around and Today I'll demonstrate what I'll do

Offender: Dollar2host aka webhosting world

Country: USA   State: California

Category: Internet & Web


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