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ThinTab is a rip off!

They advertise FREE trial pills, only shipping charges, but they charge the credit card $145 shipping. If payment is refused, they turn it over to a collection agency, who will try to collect over $200. If they cannot collect, they report to credit agencies for seven years! This should be illegal, or at least everyone should be ...

Sharper Image
Insult to consumers!

After paying several hundred dollars for these machines that are later discovered to be producing dangerous levels of ozone in my home I then find out that to make these “health threatening” machines safer I have to pay out an additional $39.99 (PER machine) for a grid devise that Sharper Image says should fix the high levels ...

Joliet Smile World Inc
What a tightwad!

Doctor tried to fix a tooth that was not fixable which had nerve damage and told him to pull the tooth... He convinced me to do a root canal, and crown. He then had to extract the tooth and still charged me for a full root canal $775 plus around $300 for the extraction. I told several people the story and my sister said he did ...