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Governor John Kasich
Mr. Richard Whitehouse allow dysfunctional dealings of the State Medical Board taking women MD licenses for not going along with Dr. Nice care & behaviors - where he can't cast and can't call the Cleveland Clinic as he has

Can't have a life in Ohio if you don't first do it with Dr. Nice - with his wife going along with his philandering, cheating, and lies. The State Medical Board of Ohio Members confidentially sell their looking the other way & fixing 'protections' with their CV = why Anita Steinbergh DO has so many lines of achievements while destroying the lives of other better educated and more ethical women who won't lie for a license. So that boys being boys is ok in Ohio, everything is aequanimitas like Bon Iver music is a haze of acoustic guitars, airy synthesizers and tumbling drums floating beneath Vernons hallucinogenic yowl, like two stratus clouds overlapping in a dream = Ohio Medical Board decisions.

In Ohio you can't depend on a male for anything except stupidity, not be able to be an orthopedic (synonymous with jerk), and crass behaviors & needs - their only concerned about their groins and potency. And if you don't fulfill those needs you won't ever have a life or a Valentine's Day, because everything is confidential and fixed - nothing is about chocolate.

It used to be the parents that thwarted loves & lovers - now it's the Ohio State Medical Board and the Governor's office that promised to improve things - but just not in his governorship. Let's take a look at the things that fiction is supposed to teach - fiction that Dr. Anita Steinbergh didn't Ohio it's not the Montagues and the Capulets - it's the Nices, Keiths, Suppes' & O'Day's that cause the tragedies - the jerks no better than their fictional counterparts. Dr. O'Day is straight from Snow White, Dr. Steinbergh from the Land of Oz = the bad witch.

In Ohio, the State Medical Board wants to perpetually dictate for women MDs what they have, who they work with & refer to - the 'right' physicians - and if they can have a license if they can't go along with the adolescent attitudes & boys being Peter Pan at 50 & 60-some. You have to have bipolar to keep a medical license in Ohio, and Senator Grendell thinks rebelling against Board over-prescribing to be a personality disorder.

After you pass your Boards in Internal Medicine at 20-some, on the first go-around unlike most of Ohio, the State Medical Board should be there only for support - not to dictate like a dysfunctional parent in need of the therapy they so freely prescribe. The training in medicine fosters a dysfunctionality that permeates the Ohio State Medical Board decisions - where everything is confidentially adolescent.

Romeo & Juliet should teach that "Entering an adult relationship, one has to have individuated from the family, " says relationship therapist Carin Goldstein, creator of "If you still feel too tied to expectations, their judgments and critical thoughts make it impossible to have an intimate relationship." In Ohio, even being a Board Certified Internist, one is still too tied to the impossible critiques of the State Medical Board of Fools - who want you to get treated for something that you don't have - the disease of saying 'No' to the big boys Dr. Nice & Dr. Keith.

It's not a disease, it's an Ohio fact that Dr. Nice has a problem with women - just because they won't come forward doesn't mean that it's not local common knowledge. And a sixth evaluation of Juliet won't make it Columbus common knowledge as the Ohio Board experts hide the pathologies of the male MDs in Ohio, one is forever caught in an never-ending tragedy as the Ohio State Medical Board can't end a false case, can't move on from past misjudgements.

Sayuri & the Chairman from Memoirs of a Geisha - and being a woman MD in Ohio is a bit like geisha training. The lesson: The Chairman's warmth and generosity, qualities missing from Sayuri's youth, ultimately helped her heal. If you've had a tough upbringing, says psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini, look for someone "with the positive characteristics that you would have liked to see encouraged in you when you were a child." However not a fat chance that you will find that type amongst your male colleagues in Ohio.

Robbie & Cecilia in Atonement, the lesson: Life isn't fair, but a strong bond can weather the storms. "If you're in a committed relationship, you are in it together, " says Goldstein. "Life has ups and downs, and you need to be there for support. It gives your partner a reason to fight the battle." However, no committed relationship survives the State Medical Board's inquisition - part of the investigation of women MDs is for them to detail over and over their sexual history - for Dr. Nice to make sure that he won't catch anything when he makes it a condition of your re-licensure that you work with him - which is euphemism that perennially eludes 'can't figure' Governor Kasich.

Lastly Petro and Tita from Like Water For Chocolate - Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can't strike them all by ourselves... The Lesson: It can be tough to break ties, even from difficult parents and Medical Boards, but Tita and Pedro might have saved themselves the worst heartache if they had done so. "I have seen so many young adults taken advantage of by their parents, " says Rapini. "If your family ever asks you to compromise on something that will break your heart, you may have to divorce your parents who, after age 18, should be there to emotionally support you." The Medical Board 20 years ago asked me to compromise on a relationship with a male MD who was looking for another notch on his belt - like Mr. Whitehouse. Couldn't but still lost the box of matches - and Anita Steinbergh is too stupid and concrete to get the analogy. Bad parenting.

Governor Kasich - you need to open the false cases at the State Medical Board of Ohio and let the characters have lives. MD licenses should not be contingent on multiple psychiatric evaluations of a normal woman wanting her heart's desire like Bella in Beauty & the Beast - which you've seen in cartoon if you haven't read any of the above books - and as you have no imagination maybe you should - your wife will have the books. Wasn't interested in Dr. Nice but no one has gotten the message in 20 years.

Offender: Governor John Kasich

Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Columbus
Address: 77 South High Street, 30th Floor Riffe Center
Phone: 6144663555

Category: Health & Medicine


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