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Very evasive, very secretive Minnesota

I saw an advertisement on TV that showed a big red fox talking - the ad was called "Crazy as a Fox". It was to start a home business.

I went to the website that was on the ad and filled out my name, address, etc and had to pay a charge of $9.95 to get any information on this company.

A few days later, I received a package from Federal Express with a booklet and a DVD enclosed. The name on the DVD and the booklet was Home Based Business and at the bottom, it said eHome Business Network.

There was a letter included with these items. The letter was signed by a mentor who gave me directions on reading the booklet and then watching the DVD.

I did what she said, spent hrs and still did not know who the company was or what they were about. The DVD was an hour and the booklet was 44 pages long.

The mentor called me and wouldn't answer any of my questions, she set up a time when she would call back and go over everything with me.

The telephone appointment was also used to see if I was a good fit for the company and if they wanted me in the company. When the mentor called, she also had her mentor on the phone.

The conversation was very strange. You could tell it was scripted. It was very evasive. The one mentor said "Are you going to pay the $199.00 with the same VISA card you used to order the DVD and booklet"?

I said "What am I paying $199.00 for?" She wasn't even going to tell me what the heck I was paying for and what it all entailed. I had sooooo many questions and I wanted these questions answered before I agreed to giving the $199.00.

She just rambled on and on and I must have said her name 7 times before she stopped for a breath of air. I was actually screaming into the phone and she wouldn't come up for air. FINALLY, she told me what the money was going to buy.

Still this wasn't a whole lot of information. I felt pressured and obligated to pay this money to get to the next level. She made it sound so wonderful and such a great opportunity. I spent several more hours on the same DVD.

This is the real the 1st letter, they could have told me the name of the company and also how to get to the 2nd part of the DVD that I was already watching.

They waited til they got my money before they told me how to finish watching the 2nd portion of the DVD. The 2nd portion was about an hour and a half long and the second booklet, which I had to print myself, was 50 pages long.

Within the second booklet, they explained the payment, the bonuses and how the multi-level marketing organization paid out the money. It was very complicated and my husband and I had many questions.

Before the phone rang, I asked God to direct us in the right way and if it was His will for us to get into this business, if not to give us a sign.

The phone rang and it was my 2nd phone appointment. This time I made sure my husband was on the other phone. It was my mentor, her mentor, my husband and I.

The phone conversation was absolutely unreal, it had no human interaction, the mentor went on and on about the training and the step by step process that is to be followed. My husband tried literally 17 times to interrupt the mentor and ask questions.

She knew that he was going to be on the phone and that we had several questions, it didn't matter. A normal company would be polite and say "What are your questions and how can I make you feel comfortable with your decision?"

I mean this is supposed to be a life changing event and they say over and over again, how much money you will make and how wonderful the products are, so why wouldn't they be willing to answer your questions?

That right there is not right, that right there is not ethical!!! I worked at Vanguard Investments for 12 years and I know what good customer service is and let me tell you - this was not one of those times, in fact it was going on the second time!

Well, they made it seem that the $4000.00 supervisor level was the way to go, I was not ready to make that decision, nor did we have that kind of money.

To make a long story short, my mentor was to send me my training e-mail and also instructions on how to get into their main website. Nothing came that night, nothing came the next day, finally, I wrote her and said that I didn't receive the e-mails yet. She sent them.

That night, something came over me (I know it was God's sign) telling me to check on the Internet to see if anything negative came up about Herbalife. Thank God and thank the people that write their experiences, that truly saved me thousands and thousands of dollars.

Just to be curious, I asked several people if they would buy Herbalife or want to become distributors and they all said "NO"

I asked the people that are business savvy and that would want to make lots of money, or so Herbalife says, and they were not interested, so how was I supposed to make money and find all these people to promote?

While we were on the phone with the mentors, when we finally could ask a question, we asked them, what if we can't sell these products? What happens then? The mentor said that we weren't having a good attitude about our business!!!

No, sorry, that's not true, I like to deal with facts and figures, not people on a DVD or people on the phone that can make up anything. Finally, she said, we could get our money back but God only knows what that would have entailed.

Please, anyone wanting to get into this Herbalife business, be very careful! Don't let them pressure you into making a decision. Slow them down and make sure you get your questions answered.

I'm not saying you can't make money or that Herbalife is a scam but the way they go about things is not right. Proceed with caution! Thanks for reading my story. Best of luck in whatever you do and God bless!

P.S. - My husband and I decided NOT to get into this pyramid (staircase) elevated business. Do what you will but make sure it feels good in the pit of your stomach.

Offender: Herbalife

Country: USA   State: Nationwide

Category: Health & Medicine


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