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The subway that i have been going to for over 10 years has gone WAY downhill. I am a very polite person. I always be sure to be very kind to others (especially those making my food), and always greet others with a smile. I have worked at very difficult jobs (musch more difficult than subway, btw), with very low pay, but i have always been one to be VERY nice to customers, even if they are rude to me. That is part of doing ur job in any service industry. The excuse of 'well, what do u expect? They work in a fast food restaurant and don't get paid much" is NOT an excuse for me. I can put all the money i have on the fact that i have worked at very difficult, fast paced jobs with low pay, and yes, customers can be very rude, but you handle it in a kind manner. I always have and, yes, that is part of the service indusrty. And also, 'you get what u pay for' doesn't work with me either, because at Subway, I've gotten much more than i bargained for and that is VERY rude employees. VERY rude. EVERY fast food restaurant I have EVER been to has been nicer thann this Subway. I have also given them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they were having a bad day. Well, then EVERY day must be a bad day, because this has been happenening for over 6 months at this Subway. Since I am a vegetarian, there are little fast food options that can actually eat at. Subway is one of the few, and I usually do just eat at home, but, sometimes when I'm out I don't have much of a choice.

There is absolutely NO WAY possible that I have contributed to this in ANY way. When I walk into Subway, I say 'hello, how are u' with a smile (despite the bad attitudes). That's when the eye rolling starts. I get about 4 things put on my sandwhich and I don't get it heated or toasted either. It is probably the most simple sandwhich anyone could order, because, as stated, i am a vegetarian. EVERY time i open my mouth to request something on my sandwhich, it is met with an eye roll. They practically slam my sandwhich around. When they're done they very sharply state what I owe, take my money, and I always smile and say 'thank you', at which point the employee just walks away.

EVERY employee there has been completely rude for no reason to me. ALL of them roll their eyes and slam my food around. The only special request I have EVER made there was one time when someone was in front of me got some chicken teryaki sandwhich, and i was next in line, and the sauce was all over their gloves. I said VERY softly and politely, 'I'm sorry, but I'm a vegetarian, so would you mind changing ur gloves, please', and she sighed VERY loudly, rolled her eyes, and slammed off her gloves, and very begrudgingly ripped two more gloves out, and then said loudly, sharply, and rudely, 'ok, now what do you want?"

WOW, i mean, sorry i don't want teryaki sauce all over my sandwhich and vegetables. THAT'S the ONLY thing I can think of. Maybe this employee proceeded to tell all the other employes of how ridiculous I am because I requested she change her gloves.

If subway is so clean like they pretend, they should change their gloves with every sandwhich, and if not every sandwhich, at the very least when their gloves are very soiled to the point where there's sauce all over it because unlike the customer in front of me, i do not want chicken teryaki on my sandwhich.

This was over the summer. Here it is, January, and my husband and I went there 2 days ago. They were EXTREMELY rude to us as ALWAYS, and I was extremely NICE as always. I asked my husband, 'what do u think is the problem' and he said 'i don't know but when me and my friend came the other day, they did the same thing to both of us' and his friend asked my husband why are they so rude to us, but we have no idea why.

They aren't rude to every customer either, because also 2 days ago there was a lady in front of us in line and they were very kind to her. Then, they came over and just rolled their eyes as a greeting to us. It just must be us, and we have NEVER been rude. I go out of my way to be nice to them, but I won't anymore because that is the last time either of us are going there. I have only made ONE request to change soiled gloves, and i never did again after that kind of response.

I feel EVERY time I go there that i have just passed a 'no trespassing' sign. There is NO excuse for being this rude to someone this long (6 months, EVERY time I've gone there) and this consistently who has always been very nice. Subway employees should, if anything, be thankful to have such nice, respectful customers as my husband and me. And I have read a lot of similar complaints on here. Apparently, Subway employees need an attitude makeover and perhaps be thankful to have a job in these times (I would GLADLY work at Subway compared to say mcdonald's. They really don't do much at all). Whatever it is they hate about me, they need to get over it and keep their feelings to themselves. They have lost a customer who has been going there over 10 years-WAY longer than any employee or manager there now, and I have spent a lot of HARD earned money there. I have also officially filed a complaint with the company, because I HAVE had enough of the customer abuse, it's not just a bad day, and if I'm going to lose one of my favorite eateries, I'm at least going to have the oppurtunity to say why.

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