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Verizon Wireless
Sold me a LEMON LG ALLY then made excuses for problems on phone til past exchange time allowed

Complaint / review text:
Purchased new LG Ally from Verizon store on Highway 58, Chattanooga, TN - July 2010. They supposedly moved all my contacts from my Sprint phone to this phone. (PS was with Sprint 10 yrs & already regret leaving) One week of trying to find some of my contacts, I had to manually get them from my old phone and put a lot of them into new phone.
I was told by the Highway 58 (Chattanooga) location they were out of stock for the cover for my new LG Ally but to check back. I checked back the next week... They had one and sold it already. I gave them my contact information and asked that they hold one and call me to come get it. I never got a call they had gotten one in stock.
Could not make or receive calls from my home with new verizon LG Ally phone. Was told to dial a certain number to upgrade roaming for it to work. Did this several times to no avail. Tried texting photos to a friend, but not able to access this feature either within first month of purchase.
Visited several different verizon stores for issues to be resolved some of which include: Ooltewah / Collegedale, Tennessee; Cleveland, Tennessee; Chattanooga (Highway 58, Hixson, & East Brainerd), Tennessee. There have been three hard resets performed in these locations. I purchased a case for my phone at the Hixson store after the 2nd hard reset.
One visit I was told that the reason my phone said it had low storage space was that I had too many emails. I deleted all my emails from home and this did not resolve the issue entirely. It did stop the low storage notice for about a week.
Another visit I was told my call log was full and I had not deleted old calls. My current bill dated to be due 12/16/10 shows I used 97 minutes out of 450 allowed. All prior month bills are similar in talk time as well. I deleted the entire call log list. This stopped the issue for approximately 3 days.
My friends and family began asking me why I was not replying to their text messages. Why? Because they were not coming in for me to see them. Weeks of text messages are now being lost in cyberspace.
I am a designer and work from home and have lost customers due to their inability to contact me as I use my cell for business. I have had to leave home to send text photos of final product for my customer to approve before shipping it. I have no idea how many customers I have lost at this point. This is my busiest season of the year and I know the economy is bad, but it was bad last year too and I didn't do this poorly.
After deleting all the text messages in my phone due to receiving the message 'your text memory is full', I still receive this message along with 'storage space is low'. My phone makes an annoying sound and vibrates every few seconds but does not have the ability to receive any actual text messages. Some message would go out but it was hit and miss. Phone calls are still not able to be received or sent from my house either.
The last visit (almost 2 hours) in the Verizon store in Hixson, Tennessee, verizon finally decided my phone was indeed a lemon and agreed to FED EX another one to me. Three days later I received a 'like new' phone to replace my 'brand new' four month old lemon phone.included was a postcard with a 4 step process telling me how to switch the contacts & all other information from the lemon phone to the 'like new' one. If any questions to visit their website. Website was no help whatsoever.
A call to tech support was made asking if I could receive some type of credit to my account for all my troubles. I was told they only have record of my visit to one Verizon store only one time so they could not see how I should ask for a credit. I argued for an hour and finally spoke with a supervisor who said, "Without proof of these visits, it's beyond my ability to credit anymore than $30 to you. We only show the one visit when they replaced your phone." (Be warned out there: When you sign into the kiosk for your place in line, this does not confirm you were ever there.)
A phone call that lasted well over three hours with 'Natalie' (who by the way was a nice person) tried her best to walk me through what was suppose to be a simple four step process. I lost count how many times I moved the battery back and forth. Oh, the 'like new' phone does not come with a battery, you have to move your SD card & the battery yourself too. I know this call took this long as I made comments on my facebook page as the call progressed. I was literally brought to tears during this process when it could not be successful dispite my following her many more than 4 step instructions to the tee.
I am at the point now where I am instructed to take both phones to the Cleveland, Tennessee store where the manager 'Sara' will be expecting me for them to do the necessary changes for my 'like new' phone to be fully functional. This would be the same location where I was told my emails were the culprit causing my phone these issues, yet there is no record of my ever being there before.
In closing my personal note is this: Verizon has gotten way too big for their britches and need to be taken down a notch where customer service is concerned. Phone bills are extremely expensive for their services. To cancel a contract with them, they have jacked up that price so high that anyone would be an idiot to pay their way out and verizon knows it too. Only folks that have more money than sense could afford to run like the wind away from verizon so soon after getting upside down with their junk phones. Updates to follow...

Contact information:

Offender: Verizon Wireless

Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18664065154

Category: Electronics and household app.


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