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Complaint / Review
Adult & Children Enterprises, Inc
Jewel Morgan SCAMMED out of $5000 in EARNED WAGES

ACE, Inc. Is a supposed non-profit organization run by Jewel Morgan to profit HERSELF! She uses grant monies and donations to take care NUMBER ONE! She owes me $6500 in EARNED wages from August through September of last year and assaulted me when I began to stop doing work for her and confronted her about verbally abusing me on the job EVERY DAY.

I worked 40 hours a day, many times ALL day to her micromanagement and undisciplined work habits which explains why the "organization" was in such disarray when I was asked to come aboard. She is a scheming GODLESS person who preyed on my being homeless at the time and used me to try and advance herself while eating off my foodstamps. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS SHAM!!! She will guilt you in with all these lies of how people stole her ideas and took advantage of her, but its all bull, plain and simple.

Scamming people out of their donations and money. She has lived in extended stay hotels for the last 3 years until September or wherever she can that won't charge her because her credit is shot and she used me for my foodstamps because she was found guilty of FRAUD and banned for LIFE from ever being able to receive assistance. The bulk of her "expenses" as reported to the organizations that give her funding are her housing (hotels), storage units (she has 2), mine was sold at auction because of the money she never paid me, food (you can look at her and tell that she eats VERY well) and her cell phone and internet at the "office" or wherever she's managed to scam her way into now.

At the time of my separation from her she owed $5000 plus in back employment taxes to the IRS which she blamed on former colleagues that worked with the organization but moved onto their own venture (I listened to her drone on for days on end, so I know this story in and out. She had even pulled resumes and criminal records and private medical records on this man and his wife and resorted to spending hours of my life and days substantiating her "investigation" into how these people where supposedly stealing her ideas and looking to do her in and make her organization fail.

She has SERIOUS mental health issues and is UNFIT to run any business let alone manage the monies that were entrusted to her for her own VERY personal gain. And when times got really tight, she was breaking off one her adult students for pocket money to tide her over until the bigger windfalls came through while constantly in his ear about how bad his wife was for him. She is the ULTIMATE Jezebel! She stole my briefcase with all of my personal information, tax records, information with bank account #'s and my SSN probably in an effort to use my information for her own crooked ways. But I got something for her if she even goes there! It's called THE LAW!!!

I am telling the truth about Jewel Morgan and her ways as I am hoping no one else will fall prey to her schemes and befall the same horrific things that resulted in her treachery.

One thing I learned from all this, ALWAYS get an employment agreement or contract UP FRONT! She repeatedly dodged this while constantly cracking the whip behind me while simultaneously distracting me from any work that I was endeavoring to accomplish by playing her therapist. She is ruthless, heartless and not to be trusted AT ALL!!

Offender: Adult & Children Enterprises, Inc

Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Raleigh
Address: 2000 Brentwood Ave
Phone: 9198662371

Category: Education & Science


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