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Complaint / Review
Talent Rock Event May 2008, William McCarty, Dion Ross, Darlene Harwell, Cindy Pierce
Talent Rock Event Ay 2008 Scam Artists, Fraudulent Company

Looking for Answers about Talent Rock,
I recently was also scammed! I live in Las Vegas, NV. I originally signed up for the Dec event and I changed my mind. After calling to see if I could get a refund, they said that there were no refunds, it was policy. They assured me that it was said to me over the phone in my initial phone conversation.

I remember thinking, I do not remember that? Yet, I couldn't be for sure, I was angry at this, and they said that they could transfer my fundds to the next event that would be in May. However, they were going to charge me a 150.00 fee for this transfer!

I was very pissed, but I felt like my hands were tied! I agreed, and went on with my life. Around the end of March I wanted to get in touch with them, and verify everything was paid for, and that the event was still on. The phone #'s that worked 7 months ago were no longer in service, they were chronically busy, regardless of the time of day I would call!

The emails that were working 7 months ago, were all of a sudden being sent back to me, telling me they were undeliverable. Now, I was reallly worried. 3 days ago I sent my registration form and guest form express. It was to get to them the next day! Well, Thursday at noon the mailman knocks on my door, returning my forms I sent just a day ago. It said the address was undeliverable, as if it did not exist!

Now, I really panicked. I got online to see about this mess, and the more I researched the worse news I was finding. Sure enough, me along with thousands of others, are in the same situation! These people were true scammers!

So far, I know that my credit card company is hopefully going to take care of this. I am going to claim it under our fraud protection on my credit card. So, hopefully those @#$% won't get a cent!

If you are reading this right now, and feel the sense of heavy gloom that we all are. I believe we somehow, need to get a class action lawsuit going on these people!

They need to be stopped! And apparantly this is not the first time they have managed to do this. They have been claiming of "holding these so called "events" around the country" twice a year, yet changing the name of the company each time!!!

They may think they have won this, I say lets bring it on!!! If we all ban together and get the media and whomever we can involved, we can bring these people down! My issue is how can we get in touch with one another, when we do not have each others e-mails?

If we do not stop them now, only more and more people will be getting hurt! Go find your local attorney generals, media, lawyer friends, those who will listen who could help! This will not end here!

I will fight, but I cannot do it alone!

Please take a Stand!!! Stephani


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