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Authentic Man Program AMP SF AuthenticSF
Authentic Man Program AMP SF - Travis Decker Bryan Baye

I took the course in San Francisco and before you decide to take this course, let me save you the $2500 so that you can spend it elsewhere. The seclude you in a room for 8-10 hours continuous and during that process you are emotionally brainwashed into their world that you think you've taken the best workshop since sliced bread.

The weekend basically begins with a bunch of AMP women so to speak, and they only appear on the third day where all you do is stare at them and your suppose to increase your consciousness and be present, both of which would be better done with some coffee and a good sense of social intuition.

The first day they make you sign a waiver for an breathing exercise, in which you breath hard constantly in and out for an hour while playing this loud corny music which is supposed to make you vivid imaginations and during this process the room is dark and everyone is screaming and crying because they're supposed to follow the emotions of the music (presumably due to their tiredness in breathing). This is then followed with a series of exercises where they force you to cry or become angry.

The next day there is an exercise where you basically assume that there is only 1 parachute, and there are 5 members, and they have to choose between them who this process, the only way your authentic as they call it, is if you take the exercise up to the point where everyone starts crying.

The final day a bunch of men stand in a circle and the AMP girls from earlier are in the middle, the room is dark with no light, and they are howling, screaming, and crying at you, and presumably your suppose to be enlightened so you'll know what to do in this situation.

All in all, this was definitely some feel good ripoff gig to get a bunch of older men to cry together, and it will teach you nothing that they claim on the website such as

How to eliminate neediness and shame, once and for all. (Hint: Your neediness may be destroying your chances with women, and you don't even know it!)
What you need to do to have her her surrender completely in bed - And why she can't be that vulnerable with you, until you get this right.
How to avoid the "Just Friends" category by accessing your masculine, sexual power — even with the most intimidatingly beautiful women.
How to penetrate her outer facade and connect with her on a deep emotional level.
How to have your dates feel like you're already making love (And have her feeling exhilarated and alive, just by being around you!)

The picture currently on the website, the guy with the beard, is known as Bryan Bayer. I personally saw him along with several others standing around 111 Minna (a club in SF) with his drink and for the WHOLE night he did not talk to a single woman, so if the above claims are so true, he should have been able to use his seduction process to charm the women in that bar? Spend the money instead on improving your life or better yet save it, or if you really want to take a workshop, look elsewhere.

Offender: Authentic Man Program AMP SF AuthenticSF

Country: USA   State: California   City: San Francisco
Address: 115 10th St
Phone: 4153080910

Category: Education & Science


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