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What a cheesy, deceptive, misleading, low-life scam this seminar turned out to be. I called my friend immediately following the end of the seminar, she was going to go with me but coud not because she was very sick, and reported to her that even though I would never want to see her ill, she should thank her "lucky stars" that she did not make it to this "seminar."

I need to lose 40-50 pounds. I went to a "Gorayeb (Name they were going by at this seminar date) Weight Loss Hypnosis Seminar" I saw advertised in the local newspaper. Only $59.99 and guaranteed money back if you didn't lose weight. One-time payment also would entitle you to attend any 'refresher' seminars for the rest of your life. I had nothing to lose, RIGHT!!! WRONG!

What a crock! It was nothing more than a front to sell overpriced weight loss supplements.

My friend called ahead of time and specifically asked the person answering the telephone if there was going to be ANYTHING else they would try to sell us at the end of the seminar for the hypnosis to work and was blatantly told NO! This seminar gets people there under the false pretense of being hypnotised and then traps them in a room, makes them feel bad about themselves, scares them about health concerns, and then gives them a high-pressure sales pitch to buy supplements!

If you want to know the specifics, read on...

We had to sign a contract on the way in saying we understood the guarantee, and would only get money back if we followed everything the seminar taught for a certain length of time.

The seminar started with the instructor telling us not to be embarrassed — he knows this is our 'last resort' for weight loss. Lots of 'I don't want to hurt your feelings...' The guy was trying to be a comedian and got a chuckle or two out of us.

Then of course, we got the warnings about how we are going to die early if we don't change. Ok - no problem with that. Heard it before. Then came a bunch of information about how to eat a well-balanced diet and exercise. Ok. Again — heard it all before - it was all very accurate, but I didn't need to pay $60 to hear that again for the 1000th time! Get to the hypnosis part already!

Then along with all these common-sense tips about losing weight, the instructor had a list of 12 'amazing' supplements that would, among other things, suck the fat out of food before it got into your system, reduce your cravings, and actually make you not be able to tolerate sweets, etc. These supplemets were listed in the seminar workbook. And, he had us write a 'shopping list' on the cover of our books with all these things, as well as miracle items like FRUIT, WATER and LOW FAT FOODS!

And as Karen of Stow, Ohio stated and hit it PERFECTLY "on the nose, "All of these 10-12 supplements have to be mixed together just right. The whole balance of how much to take and when is REALLY complicated. But hey — they just happen to make a couple all-in-one supplements that have EXACTLY the right combination of everything the instructor was teaching us about. But OH NO — those aren't available in any store. But we were so lucky - the instructor happened to know where you could get these things. One place was a website. The other was - WOW - right there in the room. Weren't we lucky that we wouldn't have to go running all over town to find this stuff. And better yet —it was all HALF PRICE.

When my friend had called BEFORE the seminar to question them, she also asked if there was a CD available for purchase. She was told there was for $25, but you did NOT have to buy the CD because you get a booklet with all the information on it - this "booklet" is 7-8 pages in length and the instructor only goes over the "supplement" pages thoroughly. The instructor commented briefly about the CD and informed us that we should NOT BUY THIS CD because if you buy ANY ONE of the supplement packages (the package I purchased was for $370.00—yes, I have "Sucker" written on my forehead), the $75 CD would be included FREE in each package. Now, $25 is a HUGE difference from $75 don't you think. Oh yeah, and depending on how much weight we needed to lose, the cost would be anywhere from $60 - $370 for these miracle drugs.

Ok, by this time I had been sitting in a chair in this seminar for 1 hour and 45 minutes, and there had been no hypnosis. Just 1/2 hour of common sense eating and exercise tips. And 75 minutes of SALES PITCH.

We FINALLY get to the "hypnosis" part of this fiasco after 1 hr and 45 min. Of buying supplements. The hypnosis part lasted approximately 25 - 30 minutes after which you are supposed to leave feeling refreshed, revitalized, energized, etc. I felt the same as I had when I walked into the place 2 hrs. And 15 minutes earlier, but only $430 poorer!!!

At the end of this wonderful seminar - the instructor informs everyone that Mr. Gorayeb wants to give us all a free gift! Well, it consists of - you guessed it - more supplements or vitamins. Your skin will get all stretchy, you will need this vitamin and this vitamin, etc. So, the "free gift" is 1-month free vitamin package and you have to pay the S & H of $4.95. Again, guillable me decides to take the "free gift." As I am waiting to hand in my "free gift" personal information, I am reading the information and find out that this "free gift" will cost me another $50/month because I will need three (3) months of vitamins and the gift is for ONE month. HMMMMMM

I walked out of there feeling very confused and not refreshed at all as the ad promises. I was $430 lighter in my wallet and wanted to stop at the McDonald's across the street. The ONLY reason I did not stop at the McDonald's is because I did not want the other people coming out of the seminar to see me. HMMMMM, they probably were going there also.

Here are the products and trade names of the 'special' formulas the company sells:

1) Liposan and Lipsan Ultra (not Chitosan that you can buy in a store — that's 'bad')
2) Chromium Dinicotinate Glycinate (again, not Chromium Picolinate that is readily available which again, is not good.)
3) Gluco-Trim
4) Isotrim
5) Lipo-C
6) Carb-Out
All of these are marketed by 'Vita Nutritional Products, ' which the instructor failed to point out is a partner of Gorayeb Seminars.

There is also a list of other common items like Vitamin C, Clary Sage and Ginseng, but the instructor emphasized that these will not work without the other substances only available from this company.

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