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Complaint / Review
Maryann Givens Taylor Morrison Rlty Of Fla
Mary Ann Givens Highly Unprofessional and Psychotic Major League Liar as Well Should not be a Realtor!

It started when I live in a Taylor Morrision Community and drove past their construction site - [where we have to fetch the mail] and a Drill Bit ripped the sidewall of my $200 custom tire. Taylor Morrison does not warn or block people from driving over their garbage.

Superintendents John Kunkle and later Koby lookled at the damage and agreed they would "handle it" and to give them a receipt. A few weeks later I find out no check is forthcoming and the person in charge of veto'ing my compensation was a MaryAnn Givens, a Realtor who apparently shows Taylor Morrison properties.

First MaryAnn Said "No, Taylor Morrison does NOT even pay for my flat tires, they are damn well not paying for yours! And I have had PLENTY!"

So, I got on Twitter and told my 89,000 followers, and CC'd Taylor Morrison who is home office in Arizona. They publicly apologize and inform me it WILL be handled, I assume means "we will pay for the tire." So on week three I call MaryAnn Givens who smart assed-ly says "I am mailing you a check." And she hangs up. I know she is not mailing me anything at all because she did not have my data.

So, I call back and she screams at me for "GOING ABOVE HER HEAD" and hangs up again on me. Then, I call Arizona to inform them of the issue and a "Kara" says an e-mail was sent to MaryAnn and she will handle the issue.

I call MaryAnn Givens again today [election day] and she calls me a scam artist and refers to a lawsuit where I was suing a few ladies stalking me. I am an author, I have over a million readers and I do have issues. But this has NOTHING to do with my tire or the fact they owe me money for my tire. It was really low of her and best of they just said NO and hung up so I can sue them in small claims court. She did not have to get personal.

MaryAnn Givens does not deserve to have a Florida real estate licence or work with the public at all. People under her DID want to pay for the tire and she just would not write the check because flat tires she has incurred never were compensated. Well, I do not work for Taylor Morrison, number one. And we live in a state that has basic laws. So, let's talk about the tire issue in general:

2 out of every 4 neighbors has had flats due to a LOT of construction in Palma Sola area and half of them experienced their flat going to get their mail by the main construction site. Some were paid, most were not. TM calls it a "case by case" basis which is in and of itself discriminatory. One single mother of 2 boys has THREE tires with nails in them! She does not have time like I do to complain.

I love Tyalor Morrison homes better than any home I have ever lived in - BUT the construction issue is a mess when they wont pay for damage that WAS Their fault and add insult to injury that "Their boss wont pay theirs—so..."

I want my tire still paid for, I was already told it would be, and MaryAnn Givens should not be rude to people, enjoy harming them and she does NOT worry at all about what Arizona thinks. There are PLENTY of Taylor Morrison complaints check them out.


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