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Merchant Lynx Services
Merchant Lynx Slick Salesman, Suckering you into 48 month leases on outdated equipment and feeing us to death

Good Old Phil Beniamino, who also owns a limousine service in Georgia name Hollywood Limos of Atlanta, came to see me about much cheaper processing rates. I trusted that he would be OK since he also owned the same type of business that I have. Beware of this man and anyone involved with Merchant Lynx. They must train their ...

Merchant Lynx Services
Ripped my Company off

A rep came into my company, offering credit card processing services. However the rep failed to mention and/or bring up any of the hidden fees associated with taking advantage of their services. This company continually attempts to withdrawal from my company's bank account long after the services have been canceled due to ...

Merchant Lynx Services
Tried to Scam

Well I just wanted to thank you all on here for your reports, last year in October of 08, a lady came into our office by the name of Rusty, sold us some credit card processing equipment and totally ripped us off. The company leased the equipment through Northern Leasing who we called and explained to them that we never signed a ...