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North Shore Agency
NSA Collections Letter, Phone # automated, Requested 12-digit ID# off letter, ID# on letter is ONLY 11 DIGITS = Hang Up! OH / Westbury

In 2011, I was sent products from Masterpiece, which I returned. I also requested my account be cancelled. I continued receiving products, and continued returning them. The last products I received/returned were in November 2011. In February 2012, I received a letter stating that if I didn't pay and respond by a certain date ...

North Shore Agency
"Debt" Collector Scam

I decided not to renew my subscription to People Magazine. Many months later, I received a notice from North Shore Agency claiming to be a debt collector. Since when did it become a legal matter to NOT renew a magazine? Not only will I stop ordering any magazines, but I found a great letter on the Internet (Google: North Shore ...