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Gorayeb Seminars Hypnosis
Sent me to collections

When attending this seminar, were are told up front, "Our Written Guarantee: Attend this seminar, if it isn't everything we say it is or if you are not comletely satisfied you my have a full refund up to 45 days of your seminar." At the end of the seminar, I hold them I wanted my checks back that I had paid and would give the ...

Gorayeb Seminars
Vitamin sales pitch, only hypnosis is a front to lure you in hidden cost they don't tell you in the ad. Does not work!

Myself and my girlfriend went to this seminar, little too late did we purchase the vitiamns, then the guy claims we were put under hypnosis. By the time we got home realized something wasn't right invested into the company and lo and behold we realized it was a sales pitch for the vitamins we were craving a cigrette as this was ...

Gorayeb Hypnosis Seminar
Hypnosis ripoff

I wanted to quit smoking, attended Gorayeb Hypnosis seminar at Clarion Hotel, Edison, NJ. My opinion it's 100% Scam, they offer 100% money back guarantee, when you call 800-786-7123 to register they do say 100% money back guarantee but does not mention that you will have to attend 2 seminars. Looks like they wanted to sale ...