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Did not provide the service that I contracted them for - Misrepresentation - False Threats and Harrassment - False Charges to my Credit Card

I have a similar report with a similar time frame to Ronda (report #451975) from Norfolk, VA. I was contacted by a salesman in February who told me he was in charge of the "In Store Promotions" for the new Harris Teeter that was built accross the street from our store and that he was providing the advertising that would be ...

National Advertising Center
NAC Scam!

I've read all of the reports on this company after the fact. I wish I had read them before the salesman enticed me to sign the contract! I will keep it brief in order not to be redundant. NAC promised to bill me quarterly. They bill you immediately! They promised to put their magazine at the grocery store across the street. ...

National Advertising Center

If you google 800-882-3401, you will get interesting comments on thier "Ms. Dickerson, " better known to some of us as Pam. I can not use the names most of us have used to refer to her here. Please feel free to post your comments once you have read her internet reviews, wow the ratings don't go low enough to even give her one. ...

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Dishonest salesperson, dishonest and rude company, took money from bank account without authorization, frauds

I have experienced exactly what everyone else has reported in regards to this awful company. The "players" in this game/scam are the following: Jeff Allen (Regional Sales Director), Gloria (art department representative), Linda Miller (billing department/customer service), and of course the one and only Marty Hecht (art ...