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Union Workers Credit Services
Union Workers Credit Services Pre-Approved me with an exclusive Platinum Card Membership guaranteed with a 10,000 credit limit valid towards any purchases from credit provider specified above. The UWC

I was pre-approved 10,000 from Union Workers Credit Services all I had to do was send a 37.00 check or money orderf before the deadline which was on October 24 2012. It is now the end of October and I have not seen anything in the mail or herd from the UWCS. It also states that "Full details of my membership and its exclusive ...

Transunion Credit Score
They charged me for this month $29.95 then come few days later & charged me 16.95 i called them & they were suppose to refund me that $16.95 & cancel my acc. With themshe give me an a number to verify

I done the free credit report i got equfax & experions report but could get transunion report i emailed them first & told them to cancel my account just like i did with the other two they didn't cancel me like they were suppose two i checked into my online account like i do all the time they charged me the $29.95 plus a $16.99 ...


I got the same offer as other people got from CreditCorp but this time they had the name as CrediCorp (no t in it). I sent a check and didn't recieve any money for a month. So I tried searching the web about it and saw this site. Is there anything we could do to get the money back? ...