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Teach Me To Trade, Wealth Intelligence Academy
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Teach Me To Trade - Wealth Intelligence Academy
Wealth Intelligence Academy Impossible to understand classes, criminally ripped me off for $21,000 (thats 21K) did not deliver any understandable information and refuse to refund

In Dec. 06 I went to the three-day high-powered, high-pressure presentation about how lucrative trading is and received information about how to do it, intertwined with big earnings and success others had with trading. I am a college-educated, intelligent person so felt I should be able to learn ...

Teach Me To Trade, Wealth Intelligence Academy
Russ Whitney Group, Edutrades Scam artists, bogus claims, misrepresentations and high pressured sales to an unknowing and uninformed public Draper Utah

These rip-off artists set up shop at various hotel locations and advertise their workshops on TV to draw new sheep to the slaughter. It starts out as a 3-day seminar for $180.00 and they have you believing any knucklehead can make a killing in the stock market if they pay TeachMeToTrade to show ...