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After waiting 11 minutes

They started off not having grilled chicken, the only reason I go there. They had 8 pieces and I wanted 10. They gave me 2 original recipe to make up the difference, that's fine. I asked for 10 chicken bites and as she was repeating my order back, she forgot to say those so I corrected her and she ...

False Advertising

I got a coupon from KFC during a promotion they had earlier. The coupon was for $10.00 and still valid. It also said redeemable at any KFC. I tried to use this coupon at the Cataraqui Centre in Kingston at Gardiner's Road. The clerk took the coupon to the manager and returned telling me they don't ...

Without Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi in KFC, Paseo Colon (Calle 32), San Jose (City), COSTA RICA (Country) appears as connected to the public, but without access to the internet since the beginning of 2013. ...

Consumer Report

The food was over cooked and really dry. The chicken was really hard and dryed out. I don't think i would eat there again. I wouldn't take my friends there or my children. Cause i wasn't happy with the meal at all. ...


Bill was sooo awesome!!! HE WAS IN SUCH A GREAT MOOD - All the staff at kfc were happy. I think Bill had them all happy. IT was so nice going to eat & have such an awesome pleasant atmosphere! Thank you keep it up!! ...