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Acai Berry Scam
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Acai Berry Scam
Acai Berry Advance Cleanse All Natural Cleansing Offered FREE TRIAL, paid for postage and was charged 2 x $88.00 AUD and then another $93.54 and have not received the product

I had heard numerous reports about the Acai Berry assisting with rapid weight loss, I perused the internet and came across a free trial for Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Supplements. I read through the site and decided that I would give it a go, "Why Not" I thought, it's only the cost of ...

Acai berry scam
Scam fraud scam

Requested this "question" diet product. Never received what I requested. 4.95 s&h. Today I'm being charged-up the ying yang for anything I've never gooten. Can't obtain a genuine telephone # or any details. Have facility costs on my banking account. Impending purchases need to be ...