Bill Me Later
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Bill Me Later
You are a fraud!

Have never opened a bill me later account. Haven't used my pay pal account in 8-10 years. Today I received. Bill from bill me later for e-bay charges and products and charges I've never seen, made or heard of the suppliers. Total fraud. I have chemo treatment everynweek for PPC and rally don't heve the mental or physical energy ...

Bill Me Later
PayPal Bill Me Later Scam

In July of 2012, I purchased an item on ebay and paid for it using PayPal as i usually do with online purchases. Several months later I received a bill from Bill Me Later stating that I owe them for this purchase. I informed them that I did not bill the purchase to Bill Me Later, so this constituted an unauthorized re-routing ...

Bill Me Later
Impossible to send payment

There's no bill me later account number provided on the bml page when I log in. I want to pay this one time charge asap, by mailing a check, but the instructions say "include your bml account number" on the check— and there is no account number given! Please resolve asap so I can pay off my balance and avoid late fees. ...

Bill me later
Scam! Beware! Payments are confirmed on their website and then a week or more later I get an email saying payment. Was returned. They say bank info is wrong but it's not. After weeks of attempting to

I made two purchases with bill me later, one was at Aeropostale and the other a HP computer. My original plan was to order these items and pay the entire bill, which was over $400, within a couple of weeks. When I received my funds I immediately went on line and added my checking account and made my payment in full. Website ...