City: Del Mar
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Silicone Body

I purchased 2 items from Silicone Body, clearly mentioning the sizes which were L for a Waist Slimmer and M for a panty. I was sent an XL Slimmer and a L panty. I returned both items at my of cost of $23.32. They shipped me an L panty again, but no Waist Slimmer. I sent them an email informing them the wrong size underwear ...

Russ Phelps
Hasn't paid $10,000 judgment

About 20 years ago Mr. Phelps acted as an independent sales agent for a product I manufactured. He made wholesale sales of the product, collected payments from retailers, and remitted the money to me, less his commission. There came a time when his payments to me stopped coming, with him claiming that the retailers (which were ...