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Woolworths Petrol Station
Consumer Report

I started to squeeze the trigger on the petrol pump and no petrol came out but the dollars ticked over on the pump. I complained to store attendant who tried to give me some story about the pump. When I stopped squeezing the trigger then the petrol stopped and the dollar meter also stopped. It is a ...

Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center
Massachusetts department of corrections treats people who know prisoners there just as bad as they do the prisoners, some don't deserve it

My boyfriend was at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center for a crime he didnt commit. They were keeping him in the hole for no reason. Not to mention how awfully the guards treated him. He fought them on that and won and they had to let him out. But they didnt like that. So they transferred him, ...

Gardener's Choice
Spring River Nurserys - - - Lipenwald will not cancel an order the very day you order it nor the 2nd day like they tell you!

Placed an order with Gardeners Choice, but noticed my shipping was twice what their front page advertised for what I ordered. Called to ask them to cancel the order if they couldnt remove the extra shipping charge and was told I could cancel tomorrow but the order was not showing yet today. Called ...

International Prize Report Network
Sent us a letter asking for $25.00 cdn as my wife is the eligible receiver of the posted and confirmed winning opportunities in the amount of $1,175, 000.00 cash and awards

Since when do people have to pay cash/cheque or money order to receive a prize of money or awards for something we did not apply to. Also they state that your cheque will not be returned by your financial institution. They will use the information from the cheque to electronically withdraw funds ...