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Buyers advantage/trilogey
Trilogey Buyers advantage, show up on bank statement as TLG SCAM, never got the gift card for signing up, this is Bull, buy warranty with your big purchases why do you need more

Beware just because it comes in the envelope with your bank of america card doesn't mean it's safe! Big scam!!! And Bank of America has never heard of them. Buyer Advantage Protection, said sign up for cc protection for items purchased and you will receive a 20.00 gift card. Never got a gift card. ...

BUYERS ADVANTAGE - Bank Of America - Buyers Advantage
Bank Of America - Buyers Advantage Ripped off by calling to inquire about a wrong transaction by Bank of America Buyers Advantage

I noticed on Sunday a charge that was taken out of my Bank of America (BOA) bank card (I check my account online periodically). When I noticed a bank check amount with no check number and it was an amount charged twice one right above the other for 198.50 I called the customer service number for ...